Tuesday, December 17, 2019

Multibagger Kotak Bank 24% Up already in Few Months

Nifty, Sensex and Bank Nifty are touching life time highs. During such markets the best way to participate is to have portfolio of stocks that have potential to sharply outperform.
Kotak Bank had been recommended in August 2019 and the stock is already up by more than 23%
Will all stocks move this way? No, there will be a few gems that will strongly outperform the overall portfolio and will eventually drive the portfolio value higher. The others might give average return or can underperform but the key is to keep riding the outperformers and investing with key stop levels to minimize the loss in case of any adverse move.
Kotak Bank touched its lifetime high near 1730 levels on 16th December 2019. See yourself the detailed research based on which we were bullish on this stock as a potential Multibagger.
Kotak Mahindra Bank chart (below is for reference, actual chart shows Elliott wave count)
(Following research is taken from Multibagger report published on 07th August 2019)
Multibagger stock recommendation: Kotak Mahindra Bank
Buy Price – Buy at CMP and more on dips to ……
Time Horizon –2 to 3 years
Investment – 5% of capital
Target price –???
Anticipated as on 07th August 2019- There is a clear impulse rise as shown on the weekly chart and the stock is currently moving in form of wave (3) of V. As wave IV was drifting higher there is a possibility that wave (3) of V might travel towards 261.8% of wave (1) of V. This gives the target of around … levels. Even if we see wave (4) early on then the projected target, still there will be room for wave (5) to move higher towards the target zone eventually….
These are fundamentally strong companies and should be there is the portfolio so that as and when the cycle turns on upside these will be leading the rally.
In a nutshell, one can buy Kotak Mahindra Bank at CMP … and more on dips to …… levels. One can maintain a stop of ….levels which is near the high of wave (2) of V for the target ….
Happened till date  The stock has been moving in sync with our expectations and hit its lifetime high near 1730 levels on 16th December 2019. The upmove has been strong and we expect prices to achieve its target of …..levels. The stock is giving a return in excess of 23% in just4 months of time.
It is indeed a thrilling experience to see the Multibagger stocks following Elliott wave path so amazingly well despite of events like policy and much more.
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