Friday, December 20, 2019

Here is KEY to become A Disciplined Trader!

I have been getting lot of queries to learn application of technical analysis Elliott Waves with Time cycles as an ongoing process. I remember more than decades ago when I was studying trade setups I was searching for mentor for months so as to guide me where I was going wrong when trades didn't work, when I took profits market continued to rise but only I was sitting on sidelines and markets reversed only after hitting my stops.

Did it happen to you as well?

My longing to be a disciplined and good trader I kept searching until I finally found my mentors Mark Galweiski of EWI, Walter Murphy an expert US market option traders. My application of Elliott wave for trading options took a big break through. I then realized the importance of a mentor if you want to make your career as a trader for life.

My learning never stopped and in my quest of Trading I am now applying from the most basics to anything available in technical analysis. I worked for US firm Lehman Brothers which later filed for bankruptcy and I started looking at stocks like never before. It showed anything is possible in markets when prices can go 1000% higher or 99.99% lower. Yes, I have seen that happening practically.
I want to give my learnings of years in this mentorship program because I know the pain of not having one.

Many videos, concepts are available free online but to select winners it takes certain amount of attention and methods that a mentor can give.

Trust me this as an investment for brighter tomorrow but not just fees for yet another course. I am extremely passionate about what I do and I am thrilled to share my everyday insights with my every mentee.

Register now as I am taking very limited batch. It doesn't matter if you are just starting or already having years of experience. Everyone needs a mentor to become better in life.

Register now and call Kalpana on +91 9920922639/ 9920422202 /

Become a wonderful Trader!


Ashish Kyal


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