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Nifty Bollinger Bands, RSI Channels, Time to be Alert by AK Trading Guru...

Nifty moved precisely as per Elliottwave Neowave and TimeCycles.
See in this video application of Bollinger Bands, RSI and Channels and why it is time to be cautious again!
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Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Nifty Time Cycles and Climbs Wall of Worry

Nifty has continued to rise despite of increased number of cases for Covid-19 and India-China border tension.
This simply proves that markets move ahead of the events and should not be traded based on the news.
The only thing that works is looking at the charts and applying the various techniques that has proven track record. We have also captured sharp momentum in stocks like India Bulls Housing Finance which was up by 50% in two days. Refer the research over here
Following is taken from the monthly research published on 11th June 2020, Nifty has continued to climb further on back on negative events and highest Covid cases.
Nifty climbs wall of worry (published on 11th June 2020)
technical analysis , elliott wave, neo wale, nifty
Nifty Time Cycles and Climbs Wall of Worry
Nifty when bottomed out again near 9000 levels there were series of bad news one after the other. Despite of all this both Nifty and Sensex has continued to rise sharply after forming a low near 9000 levels in the current upswing. This up move has been sharp and fast and resulted into nearly 1200 points rise in just 6 trading days. Post that there has been sideways action but the near vertical rise was sufficient enough for majority to be again taken by surprise or rather shock. We did publish in our daily morning research report on 28th May 2020 the following – “Nifty moved sharply despite the worst GDP expectations post-independence, locust attack, cyclone and Covid-19. Despite of all these negative news events markets are continuing to inch higher which are going to take majority by surprise or rather shock, who believe that market moves based on the news. We believe that market discounts the news in advance and move ahead of the events and yesterday’s movement was a clear indication of the same. On the daily chart Nifty managed to close above the prior day high. Nifty has bounced back from the lower end of the Bollinger Band back on the upside and the resistance of the same now comes towards 9650 levels. The overall outlook over the short term will remain positive unless we see a close below the prior day low”
Happened: We later even gave the target of 10300 levels when prices crossed above 9650 – 9700 levels and Nifty has touched the high of 10328 on 8th June 2020. The reason for reiterating this is to highlight that events are not responsible for financial markets movement and it moves independent to that. What majorly moves the market are Time cycles and in this research we are combining the entire long term to the short term cycles together.
Cycles from Monthly to smallest Time frame charts – For a cycle practitioner the most important aspect is to understand that there are multiple cycles nested together. Prices behave in a cyclical fashion and cannot be independent to it. Everything in nature and financial markets is governed by cycles right from the Solar Cycle which is 11 years, Lunar cycle of 28 days, Seasonal cycle, Economic Kondratieff cycle of 54 years, Decennial cycle 10 years, Presidential cycle of 4 years and many more. It is our effort to understand the various cycle currently being active on the given asset class and see where we stand with respect to them. The simplest way of cycle identification is to see if there are low being formed in systematic fashion. There are various tools available to Detrend the prices and understand the underlying cyclicality. J. M. Hurst’s has brought forward Hurst’s Cycle analysis which has opened up another realm of looking at markets and timing it right from the smallest time frame to the biggest degree.
For a cycle enthusiast here is an eye opener – While I was deriving the actual cycles based on different advanced methods each of the cycles that we are talking were derived separately. It was only later when the independent cycles were put together the synchronization across time frames simply thrilled me.
11 year Solar cycle is 3 Harmonics of 36.82 months, which is 2 Harmonics of 80 weeks cycle, which is 4 Harmonics of 20 weeks cycle, which is 2 Harmonics of 55 (Trading) days cycle, which is a combination of much smaller cycles.
So each cycle is nested to other by the harmonics of 2 or 3.
To see the complete detailed research on Cycles along with its application on charts get access to “The Financial Waves Monthly Update” along with the “Momentum Stock research” to make the most out of this Bear market rally! Subscribe here Now before the trend is over.
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Nifty Staring Next BIG Trend, Why IBULHSGFIN up 30% by Ashish Kyal Tradi...

Nifty Get Ready for BIG Trend.Technicalanalysis Channels at its best on Nifty and Trade setup in coming week by Ashish Kyal Trading Gurukul.

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Trader’s Plight! by Ashish Kyal, CMT Founder of AK Trading Gurukul /

technical analysis, elliott wave
How to Become a Successful Trader?
I have been into Trading since many years. When I first started, I was overwhelmed by 100s of indicators available to be used, plethora of free and paid software to evaluate from and 1000s of analyst or so called Guru of markets each sharing across their conflicting views across media, Twitter and various mediums.
A Trader even before starting his journey is already lost not because of lack of experience but due to so much of information to process without even knowing how the entire business strategy works.
To make it more complex, everyone will try to give free tips even if you do not ask for it and they claim it to be 100% accurate. Majority takes a plunge by starting with “FREE” Tips assuming there is free lunch available and you can make a killing in markets but that is only short lived since the risk is unlimited and the profits if you make any is hardly anything.
Post realizing the mistakes it finally dawns upon to not fall into the trap which you still keep faltering until you overcome your compulsive behavior and the quest for knowing more starts. Many Traders fall apart in this first milestone itself and a few are filtered out to move ahead.
The 2nd milestone a trader needs to overcome – Then comes the much debated comparison between Fundamentals and Technical analysis. Over here I believe it depends more on the situation and circumstances that you are exposed to and you have no control over it. If you come across a hardcore fundamentalist and take him as your mentor you will end up criticizing the technical analyst and it is equally true vice versa. I fortunately stumbled upon a CMT during my Lehman day’s and my quest for learning took a deep meaningful turn. Lehman Brother’s bankruptcy in 2008 was a major eye opener for me as I realized how sharply the market fundamentals can change and you need to adopt to the fast moving market scenario change. The subprime crises resulted into a financial lockdown and made me realize the only way to make sense out of chaos is to look at the prices. It is rightly said the “Bhav Bhagwan Che” means prices reflects everything you need to know as a trader and Lehman Brother’s stock was being hammered all the way down in 2008 before it finally saw its Doom’s day.
My life took a huge turn and I started building my journey as a Trader and adopting the best of the tools available either in Fundamentals or Technicals and not debating what works. Rather a simple Price to Earnings ratio (PE ratio) if plotted will give a lot more information to any financial enthusiast but everyone is too busy struggling to take shelter under respective school of thought rather than understanding the fact that when you make money by trading or investing you do not segregate it labeling as this is made out Fundamental or Technical analysis and should be treated differently.
The aim itself at times seems is not about money alone but to battle with your own compulsive mindset. The satisfaction or frustration is not emerging out of how much you made only but also whether you did anything which was intelligent enough based on the skills or tools you have finally come to have adopted.
The 3rd Milestone – Later, slowly once you get more handle on your emotional being and understand how you react to external stimuli you will realize it is your compulsive or rather impulsive reactions that results into maximum amount of losses. To overcome this you need to have an objective system which will on many occasions debate with your impulsive nature that really torns you apart. To give an example once you believe your system works (ofcourse, based on many rigorous process) you have crossed the 3rd milestone. But only if you are modest or humble enough to adapt to the new market situations without any arrogance you will reach the next milestone.
I have build up on Elliott Wave, Neo Wave, Time Cycle analysis and combine them with prudent risk and money management strategies. This also depends on your personality as a trader and temperament. Each trader is unique in his or her own way and you will end up moving backwards if you try to mimic someone else. This is a big pitfall that many traders fall into and never come out of it for lifetime, trying to be better than someone else by mimicking every other successful trader.
The only thing that has worked for me is perseverance and never giving up but taking responsibility of every single trade that is punched into the system and let market decide if you did the right thing or not. Never kick yourself for the stupid mistakes that you do because it is not really your conscious self but the compulsive behavior that drives each one of us sub-consciously. The only thing you can take care of is manage the risk because that is the only reality you are aware of and the rest is the future which is not yet born. So, Trading is nothing but perseverance to never give up, keep building up from mistakes, ensuring the mistakes you make are eating up only a very small portion of your profits or rather capital if you have not made profits yet. But, trust me most important key is to keep riding the trend when it comes and the profits that you will see will pay for all the hard work done so far. Many actually falter exactly over here to take everything off the table too soon when the trend just started when the time has come to stay back and enjoy the fruits of perseverance.
So, Trading requires you to have the appetite of risk and above that much bigger appetite to take BIG profits which will make all the difference and puts you among the 5% slot of the winners as 95% keep struggling across with methods but fails to understand this one simple strategy also required to be successful in this game of probability!
Remember, for a trader there is no final milestone to be achieved because everyday, every month, every year brings a new situation in front of you that was never before and the game of probability requires you to overcome your earlier understanding about what you learned over the decades and keep building up. Current Pandemic, Covid – Coronavirus is a classic example of that. This is what keeps the passionate trader going, new challenges, uncharted territories and perseverance to reach there. But, do not forget to cherish how far you have come and the beautiful journey that made you a modest and humble person in that zeal for reaching the final destination which is only a “MIRAJ”
Become a wonderful Trader and let the fire never burn off. You can burn with me in passion and quest of knowledge or chose your own independent path but whatever you chose perseverance is the only way to be a successful life on this planet!
By, Ashish Kyal, CMT Founder of AK Trading Gurukul /
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Nifty Neowave pattern and path ahead, Sideways grinding underway by AK ...

#Nifty #Neowave #Elliottwave pattern and difference between both the studies. #Technicalanalysis #Channels at its best on Nifty and #Trade setup in coming week by Ashish Kyal Trading Gurukul

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How to Become a Successful Trader?

technical analysis, elliott wave
I have been getting lot of queries to learn application of technical analysis Elliott Waves with Time cycles as an ongoing process. I remember more than decades ago when I was studying trade setups I was searching for mentor for months so as to guide me where I was going wrong when trades didn’t work, when I took profits market continued to rise but only I was sitting on sidelines and markets reversed only after hitting my stops.
Did it happen to you as well?
My longing to be a disciplined and good trader I kept searching until I finally found my mentors Mark Galweiski of EWI, Walter Murphy an expert US market option traders. My application of Elliott wave for trading options took a big break through. I then realized the importance of a mentor if you want to make your career as a trader for life.
My learning never stopped and in my quest of Trading I am now applying from the most basics to anything available in technical analysis. I worked for US firm Lehman Brothers which later filed for bankruptcy and I started looking at stocks like never before. It showed anything is possible in markets when prices can go 1000% higher or 99.99% lower. Yes, I have seen that happening practically.
I want to give my learnings of years in this mentorship program because I know the pain of not having one.
Many videos, concepts are available free online but to select winners it takes certain amount of attention and methods that a mentor can give.
Trust me this as an investment for brighter tomorrow but not just fees for yet another course. I am extremely passionate about what I do and I am thrilled to share my everyday insights with my every mentee.
Register now as I am taking very limited batch. It doesn’t matter if you are just starting or already having years of experience. Everyone needs a mentor to become better in life.
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Become a wonderful Trader!
Ashish Kyal, CMT

Monday, June 1, 2020

Max Financials: Momentum Stock Up 11% in 3 Days!

You are seeing the best of Nifty rally since past 3 trading sessions. We have been bang on in anticipating this up move when majority were on the short side.
Given the upward momentum we capitalized on stocks which were ideal to trade for 10% – 12% returns in this index favourable rally.
Max Financials (MFSL) was one of the stocks in NBFC sector moved amazing as per Elliott wave patterns and also indicators such as Fibonacci Retracement hinted towards the target levels.
We generated buy call under Momentum Service on MFSL on 27th May 2020 and we almost achieved out target level as our studies showed.
See below what did the chart suggests:
MFSL hourly chart: Momentum call given on 27th May 2020
technical analysis, elliott wave
Max Financials: Momentum Stock Up 11% in 3 Days!
MFSL hourly chart happened on 01ST June 2020
technical analysis, elliott wave
Max Financials: Momentum Stock Up 11% in 3 Days!
(Following research is taken from Momentum report published on 27th May 2020)
Elliott wave analysis:
Momentum stock recommendation: Max Financial service Ltd
Buy Price – Buy above 448
Target price –499
Partial Profit: 470
Stop loss–420
Wave Analysis:
On the hourly chart of MFSL, the stock seems to be moving on upside. And we can clearly see Bank nifty and NBFC stock has been outperforming. So Max Financial is expected to outperform.
As per wave counts, currently wave E seems to be unfolding on upside wherein complex corrective pattern is in progress. Prices have reversed from the channel support and have also broken above the important red trendline resistance. This rise should be wave a which should ideally mimic the prior wave a that was sharp and fast for the upside targets of 499 that coincides with 61.8% retracement level of the entire fall and the earlier peak as well.
In short, MSFL looks to be positive. Move towards 499 levels can be expected on upside. This outlook is valid as long as 420 remains protected on downside. Move below this will indicate few more days of consolidation in form of wave x before the uptrend can start. Also ensure to book partial profits near 470 levels and trail stop to cost so that the risk is minimized.
Happened: The stock rallied more than 11% in just three trading sessions and we almost achieved our target at 498.15 levels. It simply shows power of Elliott wave patterns that we use for most of our research. Fibonacci levels worked extremely well in estimating the movement on upside.
Momentum calls: During such times it is important to capitalize by buying the stocks that can show momentum along with broader market. Always remember not every stock will move the way we expect but it is important to maintain strict stoploss as these are high risk trades but with potential to give the max gain in shortest possible time. Get access now as the momentum starts building UP.
Mentorship – Learn and equip yourself with tools necessary to identify such classic trading opportunities with precision of time. 3 months of Mentorship will focus on how to apply these methods along with trend following techniques and risk management, money management. Do not wait for markets to challenge you emotionally and financially every now and then but trust me your anxiety levels will reduce sharply once you know how the trade is going to move. Only a few seats left for June 2020. Know more here

Nifty: Power of Time Cycle for Timing the #Trade by AK TradingGurukul

I hope you have been seeing fast moving markets.
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