Thursday, December 24, 2020

Nifty Reversed UP Precise Neo Wave Pattern - What is Next?


Nifty Crashed on 21st Dec but reversed up on Time cycle day on 22nd Dec this simply shows power of Time cycles in combination of Neo wave. 

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Monday, December 21, 2020

Momentum – Jubilant Food Power of Elliott Waves


In current market environment there are stock specific action that can be witnessed. We can clearly see in below research how Elliott wave theory helped in capturing the move on the upside for Momentum calls.

Below research is picked up from Momentum calls and research report published on 17th December 2020

Jubilant Food hourly chart:

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Following was mentioned in that research report

Buy Price – Buy above 2700

Target price –2890

Partial Profit: 2819

Stop loss–2568

Wave analysis:

Anticipated on 17th December 2020 – Food sector has continued to outperform and Jubilant Foodworks is one of the leading stocks of the sector. It is best to buy stocks from outperforming sectors as long as momentum is there in broader markets.

As shown on the hourly chart, Prices showed an impulsive rise in the form of (5). Wave 2 retraced 61.8 % of wave 1 and wave 3 was an extended wave. However, wave 4 was a complex corrective pattern with the second pattern a running pattern. This increases the probability of the 5th wave to be again an extended wave. Prices were moving precisely within the channel and the break above the channel indicated bullishness.

Happened: BANG ON! The stock performed as expected and the target was achieved on the same day itself with a gain of more than 8% seen in the stock.
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Friday, December 18, 2020

Nifty Path Ahead CandleSticks with MA Trend Following profitably by Ashish Kyal 20201218


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Monday, December 14, 2020

Nifty MA Oscillator Custom Indicators for Accurate Trading

Trend following methods – One of the powerful trend following method that has worked extremely well in the current market environment is combination of two moving averages along with the Bar technique.

Bar Technique – As long as the low of the prior day’s is protected on closing basis one can continue to ride on the upside. The same can be observed from the lows of 11557 made on 2nd November 2020. There has been 28 days and the prior day low is not taken out on closing basis except on the outside candle formation. The overall trend does not change when an outside or an inside candle forms as the same indicates indecisiveness.

Nifty daily chart (chart from the latest monthly research report)

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Moving average crossover method – In addition to the Bar technique talked above another way to follow the trend is two use cluster of Moving averages. As shown on figure 5, there are two averages shown in the above chart – 5 days EMA and 20 days EMA. These averages are selected in order to capture the minor swings and intermediate swings. Both of these averages are providing support to prices to respective degrees. As long as the red (5 days EMA) is above the blue (20 days EMA) the trend remains positive. It was only twice the same has whipsawed during the up move but there was never a lower high and lower low below the 20 days EMA. This is simple but powerful method.

Moving average Oscillator – We have translated the above moving averages in the form an indicator shown in Figure 5. This is the difference of the two averages. An important observation is that the 5 days EMA has a tendency to move away from 20 days EMA but only to an extent and then the mean reversion takes place. So entering the trend when the difference of MA is at …………… points is not a good strategy. When the difference between averages reduces to …………. has been the ideal area to look for buying opportunity. The same can be observed from the indicator very clearly. This is simple but powerful way of looking at indicators and then getting confirmation from prices. Do note long positions should be taken not only on basis of this indicator but the same should be used to understand the overall context of the market and entry can then be done on basis of price confirmation and Elliott wave patterns.

In a nutshell, one can follow this simple yet powerful methods for trading accurately in direction of the trend until the same is complete.

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Friday, December 11, 2020

Nifty Intraday to Positional Outlook with Sector Selection By Ashish Kyal


See the sectors to select from here from trading and investment. Also Nifty wave pattern formation and where are we headed in coming week. 

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Friday, December 4, 2020

Webinar - Nifty Fibo with Wave pattern Channels by Ashish Kyal Trading G...


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Thursday, December 3, 2020

Trade Setup by Ashish Kyal | Nifty & Stocks 20201203


Latest interview on FounderIndia by Ashish Kyal- Includes selective stocks and Nifty and Bank Nifty Index overview. 

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