Friday, June 29, 2018

How to become a trader? What are the steps to follow?

I am sure many who are new to trading would be confused on where to start as there are plethora of information and methods available. When I started my career I had the very same question but unfortunately no one to guide or advice on how to move forward.

So I ended up reading anything and everything I came across involving large number of techniques mentioned in various books. Slowly and steadily I realised there has to be a few methods that appeal to you most that you have to build up on.

My journey started learning the most basic methods of technical to the most advanced concepts of Elliott wave, Neo wave, Hurst’s Time cycles and Gann projections.

I know the pain of not knowing how to proceed and have worked hard without finding a mentor to suggest corrective path. It is then I decided to impart whatever I have learned in the simplistic way for anyone who wants to walk the similar path of becoming from novice to expert trader.

So here is one basic method that I found amazingly helpful in increasing the accuracy. Below is my latest webinar where I discussed a few methods in detail:

It does not matter if you are not aware about basic technical analysis. If you are attending my seminar on 21st – 22nd July 2018 in Mumbai on Elliott wave, Neo wave and Husrt’s Time cycles, I will ensure to share across enough materials for someone to be aware about what is technical analysis even before they attend the training. To Register Contact us here or Email us

Ashish Kyal, CMT

P.S. – I hope the above is atleast providing some assistance in direction of systematic and scientific approach to trading

Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Nifty: How to trade Neo wave Diametric pattern?

Diametric pattern – Understanding Nifty medium term pattern by applying the concept of Advanced Elliott wave – Neo wave theory to forecast the next trend.
For successful trading it is very important to understand the overall price pattern. Unless the pattern is clear it is best to avoid the trade.
Below shows how a text book Neo wave Diametric pattern markets are exhibiting
We are closely keeping on tab on Nifty’s price structure along with time taken by each segment to know the pattern under formation. This helps us in forming different strategies so as to leverage from ongoing pattern.
For option traders it is most important to know that whether current trend is going to be sharp or will it take more time to move higher?
Below is the part of research taken from “The Financial Waves Short Term Update” which indicates that there is high probability of Nifty forming Diametric pattern which is 7 legged pattern defined under Neo wave.
Nifty daily chart Diametric pattern:

Wave analysis:
Nifty has closed below the immediate support of 10700 on downside and serious selloff has been seen in stocks from Midcap and Smallcap space.
It is very important for you to understand the overall pattern under formation so that atleast you are aware that prices are near the cusp. Few days back we published an article mentioning that Is Nifty top in place again! You can read it here
As shown on daily chart, prices are forming a Diametric pattern. This pattern is recognised in Neo wave as a 7 legged correction and can take a form of either Bow- Tie structure or a Diamond shaped structure. In the above chart we can see a Diamond shaped Diametric pattern.
Each legs are corrective and we are currently in wave g. As of now it is too early to conclude that the entire wave g is over and a major top is formed but it definitely indicates that 2018 is not going to be the market for investors. However, for traders there will be ample opportunity as volatility is going to be high providing big swings. To encash the next big trend on markets you need to combine this Neo wave pattern with Time cycles.
It is not a 100% accurate theory. There are times when things get challenging but when the pattern is near completion we get a very high conviction trade setup just before the big move can happen.
Trust me there will be many trades where you will gain and lose little but only a few big trades will make up for all the hard work and efforts that are put in.
So what is the next big trend and how to capitalize on the ongoing move?
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Friday, June 22, 2018

Thursday, June 21, 2018

What is Hurst’s Time cycles ? Amazing application on Bank Nifty!

J.M. Hurst suggested that there are certain standard cycles which are universal and can be applied on any asset classes. Many cycle analysts often complain that cycles vanish without giving prior indication. The major reason being interaction of different cycles of varying magnitude.
The subject might look complicated but it is no different than Elliott wave principle. The major difference is Hurst Cycle analysis helps us to predict time and Elliott wave focuses more on price. This element of time can help us to forecast the Elliott wave pattern that can form in future.
As shown in below chart we have applied Time cycle on Bank Nifty Daily chart along with Neo Wave. The important part of Hurst Cycle is that if you know that major as well as smaller degree cycles are citing towards probable bottom or top then you can save yourself from making wrong trade. In market “when not to trade is the key to success”.
Bank Nifty daily chart:

The above chart clearly shows important areas when Bank Nifty formed lows near the cycle. We have turned bullish based on these lows. Also a few days or maybe two weeks prior the markets topped out. This time it was no different and we can clearly see it topped out in middle of the cycle so far. So by applying cycle analysis you can know when important lows or tops should be formed.  
This study of cycle analysis is independent of price forecasting that we do using Advanced Elliott wave i.e. Neo wave.
Imagine the power you will have if Time cycles and Neo wave price pattern both are in sync and pointing towards same direction.
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Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Is currency – USDINR sending warning sign for Equity markets?

At times it is important to have a closer look at the other asset classes to gauge the direction of equity markets. Now below is the chart of USDINR which we published in our monthly research report in month of May 2018.
We turned positive on USDINR when it broke above the level of 64.50 and it recently touched high of 68.60 that is a huge more than 6% depreciation in INR that too in short span of time.
USDINR has moved precisely as expected and showed a strong rise post the below research was published. Prices moved from 67 levels to high around 68.60 in just over a month after we published the report. This simply shows power of Elliott wave and how it has helped us to capture the sharp depreciation seen in INR against US Dollar.
USDINR Weekly chart spot (published in May 2018 monthly update)

Following is the part of research from “The Financial Waves monthly update” May issue:
In earlier monthly update of USDINR we mentioned that, “USDINR looks to be losing momentum on downside. Any break of 64.60 followed by 65.20 will suggest that retracement towards 66.30 level has started where 50% of the prior down move is placed.” USDINR has moved in similar manner and managed to break its multi-month resistance of 65.55 levels making 52 weeks high near 67 levels.
Elliott wave perspective: As shown in weekly chart, USDINR is going through Diametric pattern which consists of 7 waves and each wave is corrective in nature. Wave E has completed on upside near 69.13 levels and next leg in form of wave F completed in the form C failure Flat pattern. The post pattern implication as per this structure is strong breakout on upside. So wave G should be fast and strong. This will eventually result into pressure on Equity prices and will also help Gold to move towards our target levels.  However, we will require positive confirmation above ……. for wave G to start.
The upside target level for primary wave G is near ………. as wave G tends to be equal to wave A near those levels.
As shown in daily chart, (shown in actual research report)……….
In short, USDINR trend looks to be positive and a move towards 68.90 levels can be expected with support placed at 65 levels. Further break above 68.90 levels has the potential of taking the prices towards …….level and we will see everyone talking about INR as soon as prices move above 68.90 levels. So, it is time to focus on USDINR and Gold as an asset for investments whereas Equity might slowly loose its shine in 2018! BANG ON!
We have been to the point in terms of levels for USDINR. We have observed high correlation between USDINR and Equity markets during major turning juncture. The same is plausible even now when USDINR will break above 68.90 and equity markets will eventually start seeing a strong negative reversal. It is time to be alert and not complacent. If you want to know next big level for the currency get access to the monthly research report now!
Also there will be various news revolving around the currency pair after the move has happened. But seriously how does it help! So acting based on chart patterns is the key to make a killing in markets and you will not get such high conviction trade setup very often.
In case you missed my earlier research on how I predicted major turning juncture on Nifty over past few months – you can read the complete research here
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Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Is Nifty top in place again? Are you ready for another BIG trend!

Nifty had been drifting lower over past few days and prices are on verge of breaking another important support level on downside. The weakness now seems to be global and not local. It is time to “cash the crash”!
In below charts you can see how we are able to capture the top near 11000 levels, then low again near 9950 and now we are back towards very important juncture.
On 2nd February morning research report we mentioned the following – it seemed to be a populist Budget like everyone expected but introduction of Capital gains is going to result an impact which is not yet discounted maybe due to artificial support. Trade carefully as the swings can still be big over next few days!
Subsequently following chart was published on morning of 5th February 2018 –
Nifty hourly chart – published on 5th February 2018-
Following was mentioned on 5th February morning research report – trend for Nifty remains firmly negative as long as 10880 is intact. Keep riding the trend using trailing stop method and the positions are already in the money that shorted on break of Budget low. Such sharp trends are rare but market did provide us with warnings before reversing.
Happened over next few days:
The above clearly shows how the top was captured and there was a fall of more than 700 points in less than 4 days!
Now we did not only anticipate the crash but also captured the rise. Below is the chart from the monthly research report published on 7th March 2018
Nifty daily chart – published on 7th March 2018
Following was mentioned on 7th march 2018 when majority were turning bearish and look at the upside target levels given near 10800 – 10850!
Happened: as of 18th June 2018

Happened: Nifty touched intraday high of 10929 but the highest close has been near 10856 levels post the projection made on 7th March 2018.
The above requires little explanation and shows the power of Time cycles combined along with Elliott waveNeo wave and various methods together. We captured the top near 11000, fall near 10000 and now is the time to be alert again!
The question now is – Are we headed for another crash? if we are right again this time how far will the current selloff go? Is it just the beginning and what are the key levels to watch that will provide strong negative confirmation?
Trading is always about evaluating the prudent risk reward ratio and then trying to trade systematically using strict stoploss. Even if there is a pullback then it is going to be only temporary and we will head much lower!
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Wednesday, June 13, 2018

How to make more than 10% over short term when Midcap index was down by 10%?

Over past month we have seen serious selloff in Midcap and Smallcap indices. Midcap index infact corrected by more than 10%. But even during such time we have been able to identify stocks that defied the gravitational pull and moved higher.

Dabur is one such stock that we recommended in our Multibagger research report based on various studies like Time cycles, Elliott wave, indicators

See yourself how Dabur defied the down move seen on Midcap index and moved sharply higher.

Dabur daily chart compared with Midcap index

Multibagger stock recommendation: Dabur

Buy Price – 340 - 350

Time Horizon – 1 - 2 years

Investment – 5% of capital

Target price – ??? levels (refer the report)

Stoploss - ??? (refer the report)

Refer detailed research below

Wave analysis:

Dabur India Ltd is into FMCG sector with Market Capitalisation of over Rs 61,900 Crore. The major reason to pick up this stock is that it has been into a long bull trend since 2003. The overall structure of this stock is explained below.

Elliott wave perspective: As shown in weekly chart of Dabur, from 2012 to mid-2016 prices moved higher from the levels of 92 to 316 levels in the form of primary wave …… which is more than 240% increase. After the strong bull run this stock was contained within a consolidation and prices drifted lower from the high of 316 levels to 265 levels in the form of wave …….. Post which prices completed wave

108 weeks cycle, Channeling technique: and much detailed explanation given in the Multibagger research report.

In a nutshell, various indicators like Time cycle, Exponential Moving Average, Elliott wave counts and channel technique suggests that we can expect this stock to rally towards ….. levels over next 1 to 2 years with …….. as very important support.

The above analysis clearly shows how one can still identify the stocks from positional investment perspective. Even when the broader markets were in doldrums this stock managed to move higher all the while. It has been slowly and steadily garnering momentum but all investments have to be done with strict stop that we mention in our “Multibaggerresearch report”

Create your portfolio of stocks that have potential to give 80% to 100% returns over 1 to 2 years. However, one has to take a systematic and disciplined approach using stoploss and partial profit bookings for capital protection. Create wealth using scientific method. Subscribe now to “Multibagger research report” here