Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Nifty: Trade Options based on Time Forecasting Dates!

Timing the trade is most important thing one should know. Even if you are in the right direction but cannot time it well it is not going to make meaningful profits.
Use Time forecasting tools to see the important reversals days that can form meaningful lows.
See the below chart of Nifty with important dates marked on chart and Yes it formed lows on these dates. But those are not randomly placed but have a synchronized movement.
Nifty daily chart:
Nifty: Trade Options based on Time Forecasting Dates!
If you notice on the chart certain dates like 24/10/2018, 19/09/2019/ or 10/12/2019 have witnessed formation of major lows. Interestingly these dates are related to each other by a common factor. If we are able to figure out this time relation between consequent lows it can help in forecasting important date for the next low.
Now if you are looking for buy opportunity and price action confirms with time that is lethal to enter a trade with much high conviction, classic stoploss for a big Risk Reward ratio.
On the above chart of Nifty one can see the Neo wave counts and patterns as well. When it is combined with Time forecasting tool it becomes a very strong method for taking swing trades.
Option trading can be leveraged at its best by only timing the trade correctly. A prudent strategy can be formed if we know markets are going to be trending or range bound. Selling out of money options during sideways market and entering early on just before the trend starts by buying options can make you money either side
Can you identify the relationship between these dates?
Do not guess the market but trade with scientific and systematic approach for taking those big trades which do not come very often based on Time series forecasting!
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Tuesday, December 24, 2019

HDFC : Power of Elliot wave and Fibonacci levels

HDFC was in a general uptrend and we captured the gains using Elliott waves to predict the future price action combined with Fibonacci levels for deriving targets.
The stock was covered in the morning daily research report – “The Financial Waves short term update” which showed wave c ongoing and mentioned about the power that it beholds.
HDFC 60 Min chart: (Anticipated on 13th December 2019 – before market opened)
HDFC 60 Min chart: (Happened as on 24th Dec- 11:30 am)Anticipated as on 13th December  published in the morning research report
On the hourly chart we seem to be moving in wave v in a corrective manner. Internal count of the correction suggests that second leg of correction in the form of wave c (red) seems to be unfolding on upside. To continue upward rally we need to see break above 2335 levels which would lead prices towards 61.8% extension of wave (a) near 2385 levels which also coincides with upper trendline of the channel.
In short trend for HDFC has been positive for now. A break above 2335 will allow prices to move initially towards 2385 which coincides with 61.8% extension of wave (a) or higher levels as long as 2250 stay intact on downside.
Happened as on 24th December  The stock moved exactly as expected post  the break out and is currently trading near 2430 levels.
We cannot be more accurate than this. The above research shows how well Elliott waves work and Fibonacci levels could help in deriving the exact entry points and targets for the same.
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  • 24/12/2019 (59am) – TITAN DEC FUT BUY ABOVE 1214.9 SL 1209.50 TG1 1218.9 TG2 1222.30
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Friday, December 20, 2019

Here is KEY to become A Disciplined Trader!

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Did it happen to you as well?

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Ashish Kyal


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Multibagger Kotak Bank 24% Up already in Few Months

Nifty, Sensex and Bank Nifty are touching life time highs. During such markets the best way to participate is to have portfolio of stocks that have potential to sharply outperform.
Kotak Bank had been recommended in August 2019 and the stock is already up by more than 23%
Will all stocks move this way? No, there will be a few gems that will strongly outperform the overall portfolio and will eventually drive the portfolio value higher. The others might give average return or can underperform but the key is to keep riding the outperformers and investing with key stop levels to minimize the loss in case of any adverse move.
Kotak Bank touched its lifetime high near 1730 levels on 16th December 2019. See yourself the detailed research based on which we were bullish on this stock as a potential Multibagger.
Kotak Mahindra Bank chart (below is for reference, actual chart shows Elliott wave count)
(Following research is taken from Multibagger report published on 07th August 2019)
Multibagger stock recommendation: Kotak Mahindra Bank
Buy Price – Buy at CMP and more on dips to ……
Time Horizon –2 to 3 years
Investment – 5% of capital
Target price –???
Anticipated as on 07th August 2019- There is a clear impulse rise as shown on the weekly chart and the stock is currently moving in form of wave (3) of V. As wave IV was drifting higher there is a possibility that wave (3) of V might travel towards 261.8% of wave (1) of V. This gives the target of around … levels. Even if we see wave (4) early on then the projected target, still there will be room for wave (5) to move higher towards the target zone eventually….
These are fundamentally strong companies and should be there is the portfolio so that as and when the cycle turns on upside these will be leading the rally.
In a nutshell, one can buy Kotak Mahindra Bank at CMP … and more on dips to …… levels. One can maintain a stop of ….levels which is near the high of wave (2) of V for the target ….
Happened till date  The stock has been moving in sync with our expectations and hit its lifetime high near 1730 levels on 16th December 2019. The upmove has been strong and we expect prices to achieve its target of …..levels. The stock is giving a return in excess of 23% in just4 months of time.
It is indeed a thrilling experience to see the Multibagger stocks following Elliott wave path so amazingly well despite of events like policy and much more.
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Monday, December 16, 2019

Bank Nifty Danger – Here is 1 signal you cannot ignore KST indicator!

Bank Nifty had been an uptrend but I have been seeing this one indicator which has worked very well in the past and it cannot be ignored.
KST (Know Sure Thing) indicator with the signal line is not sending across a very promising signal. See the below chart which was first published in the monthly update with lot more details and levels – The Financial Waves Monthly update.
Bank Nifty daily chart (KST) indicator and Elliott wave counts
KST on Bank Nifty: We are extending the cyclicality study using Know Sure Thing (KST) indicator to Bank Nifty as well and can be seen in Figure 10. KST is now at the zone of 60 which has resulted into reversal on prior occasions. The indicator has just turned down now.
Also note that the indicator has been moving up in 3 waves which we have labelled as a-b-c. Even the recent rise in indicator was in 3 legs.
Now it is time to keep the guns ready but do not pull the trigger yet. We are yet to see price confirmation by breaking below the support level in faster time. When it happens will history repeat itself?
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Thursday, December 12, 2019

KST indicator Pring with Topping 144 day’s Fibonacci Time cycles on Nifty

KST indicator developed by Martin Pring is an amazing way to look at the cyclicality in the markets.
Know Sure Thing (KST): To understand where we stand in terms of cyclicality of the market I am showing an indicator which is known to have worked extremely well – KST (Know Sure Thing). This indicator is developed by Martin Pring and it is nothing but a summation of various Rate of change indicator.
Rate of change (ROC) is an indicator that measures the momentum of the market. Infact, momentum is the speed with which prices are moving higher or lower. If prices are moving higher but with slower pace it is not a healthy sign.
ROC of different parameters measure different cyclicality of the market. By combining these different ROCs one indicator is taking care to reflect if the momentum is slowing across the different cycle period or not.
KST Print indicator – Nifty topping cycles (shown in the monthly research report)

Elliottwave, hurts time cycles, Nifty, Technical Analysis, Trading
In the above chart, we are showing the KST (red line) with the signal line (blue) which is …….. days Moving average of KST. The individual price ROC of ……………… days is shown below the KST for reference. By simply gazing at the individual ROC indicator we can see that across the time frames the readings are lower and very close to the 0 value. Also there are negative divergences on all of these ROC readings. This suggests that the cycles across the short term time frames are probably topping out.
To get better conviction and confirmation now look at the KST indicator. We can see that since 2018 onwards KST has never crossed above ……… reading and everytime it turned down from that zone by crossing below the signal blue line there has been significant correction seen in prices. This time as well KST has now turned down from 59 levels and is now moving below the signal line. Do note that prices continued to touch the life time high of 12159 before reversing from there. KST has turned down earlier than that thereby giving a leading signal and negative divergences with prices. Now break below the support zone of …… will indicate that the next wave on downside atleast towards ……… or lower has started. This will remain valid unless we see a close of the red line back above the blue on KST.
Topping 144 days Time cycle: Interestingly the turn in KST reading from the extreme levels have been very much cyclical. We can see that each of the turn has come nearly in 144 days including the one which was before the election outcome. The high made by index after the central election was with much lower reading on KST thereby providing strong negative divergence. This time we can expect …………..
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Tuesday, December 10, 2019

ZEEL: Classic Diametric pattern with channels and EMA

Zeel had been moving in a rising channel since October 2019 but  using the Diametric pattern in neo waves coupled with simple tools like EMA we could forecast  that the stock was about to break below the channel and use this as an opportunity to short instead of expecting a bounce from the channel support.
Look at the below chart of Zeel published in the equity research report on 2rd December morning before markets opened – The Financial Waves short term update
Zeel 60 mins chart: (Anticipated as on 02nd December 2019)
Zeel 60 mins chart: (Happened as on 10th December 2019)
Wave analysis: Following was mentioned on 02rd December when the stock was near 291 levels.
As shown on daily chart, post rising steeply and breaking above the channel prices are now witnessing severe selling and re-entered the channel. As per the wave theory wave (C) of the intermediate degree is ongoing in the form of ending diagonal pattern. Within which wave (iv) is in progress in the form of Diametric pattern.
On the hourly chart, selling was seen in the last hour of the session the stock fall steeply and made its intraday low near 284 levels. Given the fall some sideways movement cannot be denied. As long as EMA is intact on upside we might continue with negative bias. As per wave counts wave f of the pattern is unfolding on downside.
In short, trend for Zeel seem to be negative for now. A break below the channel near 275 levels can allow prices to move towards 265 or lower levels.
Happened: Prices moved exactly as expected it break below the channel and made intraday low near 270 levels.
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Friday, December 6, 2019

Ichimoku Cloud and Bollinger Bands® on Nifty

Ichimoku cloud is an amazing method if applied correctly. There are various indicators plotted on the chart when you apply Ichimoku Cloud.
Also Bollinger Bands on hourly time frame provides vital information if we are back at the support zone or if a trending move is about to emerge.
Let us look at the below chart of Nifty and try to understand what has happened in the recent past:
Nifty 60 minutes chart: Ichimoku Cloud
Nifty 60 minutes chart: Bollinger Bands
In the first chart of Nifty you can see that Ichimoku Cloud is taken out on downside which has not happened very often. Also on previous occasions prices only drifted below it to reverse back higher. If this time we see a lower highs and lower lows below the Ichimoku Cloud that will indicate that the wave pattern at the top is complete and the other wave down has started. So seeing the nature of pullback from here is very important.
Bollinger Bands – In 2nd chart of Nifty we can see that Bollinger Bands provided important support on the prior occasions. This time now prices are just at the lower end of the Band and we have to see if there is attempt on upside back towards 12000 levels or not. A strong breakdown below the zone of 11880 – 11850 will be an indication of a trending move to emerge.
So, in a nutshell we are at make it or break it zone. A pullback is the key that will decide if we are still in the trading range or if the key support levels are broken with momentum then the next wave will start that will retrace a portion of the recent rise. Time to be alert!
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