Tuesday, June 30, 2015

CNBC TV 18 Midcap Radar, Nifty trend with stocks Video update

CNBC TV18 video update. Discussion on direction of Nifty and stock recommendations. For subscription to various research including Elliott wav eon Nifty along with stocks, Gold, Forex visit www.wavesstrategy.com

Monday, June 29, 2015

Power of Time cycles to predict Neo wave pattern along with Channels!

The below research highlights the power of Time cycles applied along with important concepts of Neo wave – Elliott wave and Channels.
The headline might look complicated with many advanced studies of technical analysis combined together but at times when market is moving in complex patterns it is necessary to take a step forward and understand these techniques. Nifty and Sensex moved down by nearly 2% so far in today’s trading session which might be now logically attributed to the cracking Shanghai – Chinese index and Greek debt crisis. However, it cannot be mere coincidence that the reversal in Nifty has happened exactly near the channel resistance, post 49 days of topping Time cycle and expected Neo wave pattern outcome. Irrespective of the news these techniques warned about the maturity of recent up move…

Now look at the below chart to see what I mean by the above technical tools:

Nifty daily chart:

Over past few days we have been mentioning the following in our daily research report “The Financial Waves short term update” –

China stock index - Shanghai Composite has been in news given very sharp down move in last week which indicates that an important short term top for few months is formed in that market. However, over long run the rise before this fall in Shanghai composite has been impulsive in nature which suggest that the long term trend for China is on upside and we are witnessing only a correction to the up move from 2000 to 5200 levels. We are not looking a bust of a bubble but just a rhythmic correction of the impulsive rise which is part of any economic cycle. However, over short term the correction can spread across to the neighboring countries as well.

As shown in daily chart, after witnessing the 8 days of up move from 7940 to 8420, prices are consolidating from last 3 trading sessions. The current zone is intersection of two channels along with 200 days Moving average with 49 days Time cycle. This is an inflexion point and a decisive break below 8250 will reverse the trend back towards sub ………… mark.

Given the series of resistances at current levels and failure of prices to cross above 8470 so far indicates that the up move is in matured stage and one should not be surprised to see reversal from this key area.

In short, there can be a Gap down opening today which will happen from the 49 days Time cycle along with series of channel intersection that we have been highlighting over past few days. A sustainable Gap down move will resume downtrend towards sub …….. levels! Such Gapping action is the reason why we have stayed cautious during the current uptrend which is without any accumulation or base formation. The euphoria that many have been talking about for move above 9500++ levels will now subside equally fast!

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Thursday, June 25, 2015

Banking Nifty: How to combine Elliott wave with Time cycles?

Bank Nifty is important sector and participation of this sector is very vital to know the overall strength or weakness in Indian Equity Markets.
Overall structure of the same is explained below.

Time cycle is a very important component that is probably missing in Elliott wave or Neo wave. This theory focuses more on prices. It is therefore important to understand the Time cycle concept because even if you right in the overall direction of the market but cannot time it well then trading can still result into negative returns. Below we have explained how Time cycles are combined along with Elliott wave.

Bank Nifty daily chart with 108 days Time cycle

Elliott wave: As shown in daily chart, this index has showed best of the up move from August 2013 till start of 2015 and post that prices have been correcting on downside. As per Elliott wave perspective, prices have completed 5 waves at the high of 20900 levels. Post that index has made lower highs lower lows formation which indicates that medium term downside correction is ongoing. Prices are intact within downward moving red channel and as long as sustains below the pivot resistance of 18850 level trend will remain negative. 60 days Exponential moving average has been providing the important information. During the up run of last 1.5 years prices found support however as of now same is broken decisively which indicates negativity.

Time cycle of 108 days: When we apply one of the Hurst Time cycles of 108 days we get a very good reversal areas as shown on the above chart. This time as well prices formed a low exactly at the cycle low near 12th June and this index bounced back from near 17200 to near 18500 levels.

Bank Nifty is a leading sector and formed a top even before Nifty. Now it will be crucial to see if the series of lower highs and lower lows is broken or prices again turn back down from the downward sloping channel resistance.

During such juncture it is important to understand the crucial turning areas along with the internal Elliott wave structure.

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Tuesday, June 23, 2015

CNBC TV18 Midcap Radar stock picks Ashish Kyal 20150623

Ashish Kyal, CMT on CNBC TV18 discussing Indian midcap stocks in this volatile market environment. For indepth research using Elliott wave visit www.wavesstrategy.com. Contact us at helpdesk@wavesstrategy.com or call on +91 22 28831358.


Neo Wave and Time Cycles Training- Practical application and Trade setups

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Thursday, June 18, 2015

Elliott wave, Time Cycles on Nifty, Is this a temporary pullback?

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Thursday, June 4, 2015

Neo wave along with Time cycles, Channels for predicting Nifty path ahead!

Neo wave - Advanced Elliott wave along with Time cycles is one of the most objective technique that one can apply for future forecasting.

Nifty has shown serious drawdown from the highs of 9119. It has been now the 3 months and the index has been failing to show any positive attempt. The hawkish stand by RBI on growth is now attributed as reason for strong selloff in Midcap and Smallcap stocks yesterday. However, if simply by a stand the hopes dissipate and markets react lower than there should not be a negative close when there are rate cuts. Also if hope and fear is driving the market then we need to have an objective tool to measure this rather than basing the decision on news which is simply not helpful for taking trading decisions. Trust me News will change as per the market direction.

Now here is the sneak peek into the objective techniques we use to predict the path ahead. The below chart was published in “The Financial Waves Monthly report” on 6th April 2015 and then on 6th May 2015.

Figure 3: Anticipated on 6th April 2015

Figure 4: Happened & Anticipated on 6th May 2015

Happened as of 3rd June 2015:

The above three charts clearly shows how each and every turn has been as per the path shown in our monthly research report. The movement has been almost to the mark not only in terms of price but also in terms of Time.

Path shown on 6th April 2015 (first chart) has worked out precisely so far.

The charts are explained in detail in the actual research and provide enough justification and objective method that assisted us in capturing this entire trend and still running.

It is not the time to get panic and take impulsive decision but once you have belief in an objective method use that to make your trading or investment decisions. Subscribe to the long term research report along with daily update “The Financial Waves” to know what is going to be next from here.

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Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Nifty: Smallcap and Midcap stocks crashed! It was predictable: Here is the proof!

Indian equity markets are indeed showing serious capitulation.

BSE Midcap and Smallcap indices are down by more than 2.5% and few of the stocks like Reliance Power, Reliance Capital, Reliance Communications, HDIL, DLF, etc are down by more than 10%, Unitech down by 50%, JP group stocks down by 30%. This is indeed a crash across the board and a panic selling. Many would be arguing such severe selloff cannot be predicted but we would beg to differ and have enough evidences that clearly pointed towards such possibility.

We do not rely on news to understand market direction or trend but use very important scientific and systematic method to understand the trend. Neo wave – Advanced Elliott wave along with Time cycles helped us to predict a crash at hand.

In our daily research report “The Financial Waves short term update” we have provided enough technical justification to warn our clients about this impending selloff and to ride it on downside. Buy on dips strategy will no longer work.

We also published an article below on 6th of May providing the reason why we expected a crash and it has happened today. Carnage across the board! Below is the chart that we shown on 6th May 2015 and reproducing it here…

Nifty: Is Indian Equity markets headed for a CRASH! – published on 6th May 2015.. Here is the linkhttp://www.wavesstrategy.com/FreeArticles/stocks/nifty-is-indian-equity-markets-headed-for-a-crash_1_766

Below is the chart published on 6th May 2015 and we showed it in our daily research report

Nifty daily chart:

Happened as of 3rd June 2015:

Published on 6th May 2015 “The above chart shows two important time cycles as per Hurst’s analysis – 54 days and 108 days cycle. The cycle reaches its maximum downside acceleration at the zone of 75% completion. 108 days cycle is now already at 73% completion so we are headed for the crash zone as per this cycle. Another cycle of 54 days is now heading towards 50% which is the topping area. So after next few days this cycle will also turn on downside.

As per Neo Wave – Advanced Elliott wave: we have completed a very important uptrend that started from the lows of 5118 in August 2013. This is for the first time that prices have also formed lower highs and lower lows which is classical confirmation as per DOW Theory as well. We will not be able to reveal our downside targets from here as it is meant for paid subscribers but the hint is we use Fibonacci levels from the truncated areas to get exact target zone!

It is now always that the technical picture gets aligned all together very accurately. Such alignment happened weeks back and probably this is the time again where everything is hinting towards the same thing – A probable CRASH! However, do not get carried away and use prudent stoploss levels in case market decides to play out otherwise. Our short term research report along with long term monthly forecasts gives a complete view on Indian equity markets and stocks with utmost objective techniques.”

The above research that was published on 6th May 2015 provides enough proof that Equity markets do not move randomly but in predictable fashion that can be forecasted with help of Time cycles and Advanced Elliott wave concepts – Neo wave.

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Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Is RBI credit policy a trigger for strong Equity selloff?

Many would have been looking at RBI stance to understand what will be the direction for Nifty and Sensex or rather overall Indian equity markets.
RBI did not disappoint and cut the key repo rate by 25 bps which was widely expected. Even though Nifty reacted sharply lower and is now down by more than 200 points and Sensex down by nearly 690 points – in a single day!

Many would blame the hawkish stand taken by RBI on growth and higher inflation outlook.However, food for thought is: Do events really impact the trend of freely traded markets? We have our doubts… A big Key reversal happened on the previous rate cut on 4th March 2015 when RBI cut the rate by 25 bps and so did today… Such sharp reversal is not random and has happened exactly from the channel resistance along with key Fibonacci ratio retracement zone.

We do not rely on news event to decide what market will do but look at the markets to see if on a positive news the index is closing lower which happened today.

The movement of today should NOT be a surprise for our readers. We highlighted in our article on 25th May 2015 - Nifty: Neo Wave analysis – Volatility with more than 150 points movement is here to stay!!!

Here is the gist of that article The above chart is definitely not sending across very good signs and it is time to stay cautious! Break of important levels can result into serious capitulation which will be a surprise to  majority. Volatility will increase, Movement of more than 150 points will become a norm and everyone will start finding out logical reason or rather news why prices are falling. All this will be post the fall but for now STAY ALERT and forecast the future rather than relying on postmortem news!”

See yourself what has happened today in below short term chart:
Nifty 60 mins chart:

The above chart clearly shows the impact on market post RBI rate cut. But irrespective of the event, Nifty has reversed on downside from the trendline resistance along with Fibonacci resistance area of 61.8%. The event simply gave another logical reason for justifying the move but we were expecting this well before the event as highlighted in our 25th May article mentioned above.

Such movements are not random and can be predicted using the advanced concepts of technical analysis. We have our past records that show the method that has stood the test of time. Now you can also gain the expertise of forecasting that can improve your trading decision with a scientific and systematic approach to markets.

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