Thursday, February 2, 2023

Nifty – Post Budget & Adani, Big Trend is About to Start, Are You Ready?

#Budget resulted into sharp move on upside on 1st February 2023 taking Nifty to highs of 17970 but then Adani group stocks started bleeding and pushing everything down back to 17350 levels.

Event day’s high and lows are crucial and so a trend will emerge once a break of these levels are seen.

Nifty 55 Days Time Cycle along with Future Line of Demarcation (FLD)

Time Cycle analysis with Neo wave – In the above chart we are showing 55 Days Time Cycle (represented by red dotted line). As shown everytime prices approach int eh zone of Time cycle we have seen bounce back on the upside. This time as well prices are now within this zone.

Price action along with Time cycles is very important and only once we have positive confirmation by break of key levels we can get targets as per Time. Yes, it is possible to derive targets as well from Time by concept known as Future Line of Demarcation (FLD)

Black line is FLD which is derived by shifting prices to the right side on the basis of Time Period. We will look at this concept in much detail during Master of Cycles program for now let us see its application.

From above chart it can be seen that whenever prices intersect the FLD line we get the target on upside or on the downside. The target is the height before the crossover projected from the intersection as shown by red lines.

Every single time in past 1 year we can see the targets are achieved. Even the recent fall achieved the target on downside which is simply amazing.

Now the FLD line is at 18000 levels and if Nifty manages to cross above this level we will get upside targets.

The same concept can be extended to short term Time cycles even on 15 minutes and 5 minutes Time frame for Intraday Traders.

In a nutshell, Hurst’s Time cycles not only give Time reversal areas right from day, hour and minute but also the targets. It is complete trading system in itself if applied correctly.

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Tuesday, January 31, 2023

 Adani Enterprise – Elliott Wave with Time Cycles – Will It Break 3100?

Elliott wave along with Time Cycles help us to understand the maturity of trend with clear trade setups.

Adani Enterprise FPO of 20000 crore is in jeopardy post the accounting fraud report issued by US research firm Hindenburg just before the FPO was about to open.

Adani Enterprise Daily chart:

Elliott wave analysis – Adani Enterprise looks to have completed a clear 5 waves on upside post which we are seeing a collapse. The stock has corrected till 50% retracement level of the rise with next support near 2547 which is 61.8% levels.

The major trend for the stock looks to have reversed on downside as the fall is impulsive and we are currently in 3rd wave which is most violent. Post completion of wave iii we can expect overlapping rise in form of wave iv that will retrace prices back towards 3100 – 3200 levels. After that the downtrend can again resume probably towards 2547 or lower levels. So from medium term perspective the stock looks to be in sell on rise mode.

55 Days Time cycle – We can see that stock is managing to form a low near 55 days since 2022. However, the magnitude of rise differs. As the major trend is now on downside we can expect only a pullback in form of wave iv. So a relief rally is possible post 9th February 2023 which is 55 Days cycle low.

In a nutshell, breach below 2715 will resume downtrend in this stock towards 2547 levels and break above 3000 is must which will take prices towards 3100 – 3200 zone which is also the FPO offer levels.

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Wednesday, January 25, 2023

 SUNFLAG: Combining Rounding Bottom with Time Cycle

We had applied ichimoku indicator on SUNFLAG and were able to capture a 6.25% move in a single day till now. You can also use these to identify stocks with momentum for short-term trades.

While trading the market it is important to understand the behaviour of the market. Using price action along with Time we can predict price moves in stock with high accuracy. Check out how we recently identified one such breakout in SUNFLAG.

We published SUNFLAG analysis in "The Financial Waves Short Term Update" on 24th January 2023 which our subscribers receive pre-market every day. Check out below the detailed research report that we published.


SUNFLAG Weekly chart as on 24th January 2023: (Anticipated)


SUNFLAG Hourly chart as on 24th January 2023: (Anticipated)

SUNFLAG (Anticipated)Weekly chart as on 25th January 2023: (Happened)

Wave analysis as on 24th January 2023

SUNFLAG has been moving higher recently and intact in strong uptrend. In the previous session it closed with a gain of 1.39%.

On the weekly chart, in the previous session prices formed a bullish candle. A weekly close above 137 level will confirm breakout of the rounding bottom pattern. We have shown ADX indicator which gives an indication if the stock is trending or in a trading range. The low readings of ADX indicates that the stock is in a range. The adx of this stock is 43.35 giving an indication of a trending market. The reading above 25 means strong directional strength

As shown on the hourly chart, price has recently bounced from the ichimoku cloud which can act as near-term support zone. Closest support is placed at 130.

In short, trend for this stock is positive. Use dips towards 136-137 as a buying opportunity for a move towards 155-157 levels as long as 130 holds on the downside.


The stock moved as we expected and have given breakout of rounding bottom with huge volume. In such choppy market we have managed to identify such stock which has potential to show further up move. We have plotted 40 weeks’ Time cycle in which it has captured many important lows and recent low made near 90 levels which was captured by our cycle and since then stock has shown an exceptionally well rally.  

For now, we can expect this rally to continue. One should avoid catching tops and use dips to ride the trend.

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Monday, January 23, 2023

 Nifty Lunar Cycle along with 55 Days Time Cycle – Is it Time to Buy?

Market movement is governed by cycles of Time. This means that the lows and tops are formed in rhythmic fashion and not randomly.

Many thinks that events are the reason for movement of stocks or indices but that is not the case.

Below chart of Nifty shows Lunar cycle along with Full Moon (highlight below the price) and No moon (empty circle above the price)

Nifty Lunar and 55 Days Time Cycles


As shown in above chart since the low formed at 15200 on most of the No moon or Amvasya we have seen market forming a low and reversing on the upside from there for a period of 3 days. 21st January 2023 marked No Moon or Amavasya, so as per this we can expect buyers to have upper hand over next 2 to 3 days.

55 Days Time Cycle – Most of the lows formed by Nifty is every 55 Days Time period. This is derived as per scientific approach of Hurst’s Time cycles. The red dotted line represents the average 55 days cycle. The same cycle is now due again on 24th January 2023. So the confluence of Lunar and 55 Days Time is suggesting that Bulls can have upper hand from here on which can also result into a Pre- Budget rally.

Price action -  It is important to combine price action along with Timing tools to ensure correct application. Time trading requires proper trade setups and if understood correctly can result into sharp rise in trading accuracy and forecasting ability. So, break above 18180 will bring price and Time both in sync on buy side.

In a nutshell, when Time is supportive chances of valid breakouts are higher. This way one can avoid false breaks.

 Isn’t this astonishing to see how well the Time governs stock market and events are also following it extremely well.

We apply this concept of Time even on 15 minutes and 5 minutes Time frame and the same has worked out amazing for our Mentorship participants. It has lead to transformation and we call this Elite group of traders as #TimeTraders.

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Thursday, January 19, 2023

 Bank Nifty 54 Days’ Time Cycle - Must See!

Time Cycles are powerful studies that can give reversal areas and this if combined with price action can give amazing trade setups with higher accuracy.

Below is the chart of Bank nifty index along with 54 Days Trading Time cycle.

Bank Nifty 89 Period Time Cycle


 Time Cycle analysis: The best way to enter the trend is on the basis of Time cycles. Cycles are essentially used to capture lows. In the above chart as well, we can see most of the lows are formed on our cycle and after every 54 period, Bank Nifty has shown a positive reversal. If prices confirm along with Time it can give best conviction for traders.

Yesterday’s low was also formed exactly on our cycle near 42119 levels. As of now, any move above 42720 will turn time on the positive side but price action is must to confirm the same.

Same concept of Time can be applied to various time frames like 15 minutes time frame and even 5 minutes time frame which can help traders to time the market.

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