Wednesday, May 12, 2021

Why Godrej Consumer Products (GodrejCP) – Up by More than 20%

Godrej Consumer Products (GodrejCP) jumped by 20% Godrej as the company appoints new MD & CEO and reports decent rise in net profits. The FMCG major reported a 59.13 percent increase in its consolidated net profit to Rs 365.84 crore for the fourth quarter ended March 2021. The company had posted a net profit of Rs 229.90 crore in the January-March quarter a year ago.

The above is the news that one can find giving the logical reasoning on why the stock rallied sharply. But was it predictable before this move happened. We published the monthly research report on 10th May 2021 covering outlook on this stock on basis of Elliott Wave.

At that time it was quoting around 700 levels and as of now it is trading above 860. This simply shows that old wallstreet adage “Buy on Rumors and Sell on News” is perfectly valid. We recommended this in monthly research on basis of research. Below is the chart published on 10th May 2021 in The Financial Waves Monthly Update

Godrej CP Monthly chart:

Technical Analysis, Trading, Stock Market,Godrej CP,, Stocks


Technical Analysis, Trading, Stock Market,Godrej CP,, Stocks

Following research was published before the move of 20% happened on this stock:

Godrej CP made a life time high near 978 levels in last quarter of 2018 and completed larger degree primary wave [3]. Since then the stock has witnessed a retracement on downside. This correction is in the form of primary degree wave [4]. Internal structure of the same indicates that it has taken shape of Complex Correction Pattern as marked by w-x-y-x-z. From the lows it managed to recover sharply and crossed above the previous pivot high near 770 levels. Post that from last few months prices are into consolidation mode and looks to be sustaining above the crucial support levels. This price action increases the odd that wave [4] might have completed near the lows and next leg on upside has started in form of wave [5].

The important thing to witness is that it has taken support of the upward moving trendline which is connecting prior intermediate lows very well. Along with the same MACD also gave positive crossover signal after many months and moved above 0 levels. This indicates that downside trend which started from the highs has completed and now prices can generate upside momentum in coming period. Apart from that few months back stock took support near the Ichimoku Cloud zone very well and as of now managing to sustain in green clouds which hints towards positive momentum.

Also overall structure suggests that ‘Inverse Head and Shoulder pattern’ is under formation and as of now right shoulder looks to be under formation. This is classical reversal pattern which occurs when downtrend is in final stages. Nevertheless we need to wait for positive price confirmation above neckline of the pattern.

In a nutshell Godrej CP seems to be in final stages of downside correction. Positive confirmation of the same we will obtain above …………….

Happened: The stock rallied sharply higher by more than 20% in single day. Various techniques like Ichimoku Cloud, Elliott Wave, Inverse Head & Shoulder pattern all were in sync precisely.

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Tuesday, May 11, 2021

MMTC Up 12% – Power of NeoWave with Fibonacci, See It Yourself!

Elliott Wave is a powerful forecasting tool and if one can identify Impulse 3rd wave it carries wonders for Traders.

In our Master of Elliott Waves (MOW) event on 8-9th May 2021, we discussed in detail and forecasted how the stock should behave as per Neo Wave Impulse pattern. Below is the chart that was forecasted:

MMTC is up by 12% today discussed during the sessions of Master of Waves Season 2 on 8-9th May, This is the power of #NeoWave with #TimeCycles

MMTC hourly chart as on 9th May 2021 – Anticipated

Technical Analysis, Trading, Stock Market, MMTC,, Stocks

MMTC hourly chart Happened: UP 12% 

Elliott Wave Analysis:

Nifty had a Gap down opening on 11th May 2021 and frontline stocks corrected sharply. However, action has continued in the Midcap and Smallcap space. During our event on Master of Waves we discussed in much detail how a stock can be forecasted which is showing Impulse behaviour. MMTC was one of the stock which was trading near 46 levels and was expected to move up in the form of wave 5 towards 52.50 – 53 levels. The stock rocketed today and touched the high of 55.55 up by more than 12% in just single day.

This only show why it is important to use this advanced tools of technical analysis for successful trading and how one can form trading strategy once an impulse pattern is identified. Many such stocks in the Smallcap and Midcap space are showing such impulsive behaviour.

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Friday, May 7, 2021

Option Trading Setup using Simple Neo wave Pattern by Ashish Kyal, CMT

Bank Nifty and Nifty Option Trading with levels combining simple ways of Price Action, Ichimoku, Candlesticks and Neowave. Path ahead in coming week.

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Wednesday, May 5, 2021

Nifty Applying Time Cycles on 15 Minutes and 5 Minutes Chart

 Time Cycles is a powerful Technical analysis study that can give a very clear reversal areas to traders.

Ever happened that even after knowing the trend it is difficult to make money because the timing was off by just an hour? Here is the solution to the problem. Time the trade precisely to the very minute.

Now look at the below charts of Nifty on a 15 minutes and 5 minutes time frame. Also keep in mind both the charts shows a synchronized time behavior.

Nifty 15 minutes Chart (46 period Time cycle)

Technical Analysis , Trading, Nifty , Index , Time cycles

Nifty 5 minutes Chart (64 period Time Cycle)

Technical Analysis , Trading, Nifty , Index , Time cycles

Above chart clearly highlights areas of reversal and again these are not big time frame charts but 15 minutes and 5 minutes. Now this can be an eye opener for every trader that news or events are not responsible for the movement of market but the market behaves the way it has to and news will align itself along with it.

Nifty 15 minutes chart shows 46 period Time cycle – we can clearly see that every 46 period with a few candles leeway prices reverses the trend from down to up. It has happened so precisely on many occasions to the very period and it clearly suggest that by knowing this information a trader can align his / her existing studies with Time period and enter the market exactly when it is supposed to reverse.
To make it more precise let us now drill down to a 5 minutes chart

Nifty 5 minutes chart shows 64 period Time Cycle – Turn in prices is not only limited to 15 minutes time frame but also to a 5 minutes chart. In above chart we have shown a clear reversal in trend every 64 candles. Even the recent low near 14415 was exactly on this time cycle period. Thrilled yet! Imagine the drastic rise in accuracy if one is aware about this simple concept of Time Cycles and learn the application of the same right to a 5 minutes chart.

In a nutshell, as long as 15 minutes cycle low near 14415 is protected prices can show range bound movement with a positive bias whereas break below 14415 will suggest cycles are entering into a sell zone.

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Friday, April 30, 2021

Trading Psychology - Scientific way to place Stops & Riding Entire Trend

Master Of Waves (MOW) Season 2 – Training on Advanced Elliott Wave, Neo Wave, Time Cycles and Ichimoku Cloud. Learn from Author, Trader, Mentor Ashish Kyal, BE MBA CMT (US) won on CNBC TV18, ET Now, CNBC Awaaz will be sharing his years of successful trading experience. SEBI registered research analyst. Register for this Program and position yourself among the 10% of the traders who follow strict rules and methods to make money in markets. Enroll now: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Connect with us on Social Media: Twitter - Instagram - Facebook - Telegram - LinkedIn - ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Did it happen that your stops get triggered and then stock went in your favor. This is stop hunting. Learn what smart traders are doing today. Placing a stop is both a science and an art. It is not a mathematical formula or a magic number but is derived with the help of advanced technical analysis with due consideration given to all the risk factors associated with the chosen level. Watch the above video to avoid the mistakes you are doing while putting the Stop loss order. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- SEBI “Research Analyst” No: INH000001097 Visit us : Write to us on : Whatsapp us on Contact us: +91 9920422202