Thursday, November 28, 2019

#Nifty #Gann #BollingerBands life time high levels

#Nifty touched life time high at 11150 levels, #Gann #BollingerBands and
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Wednesday, November 27, 2019

SBI 11% Move in 8 Trading Days Fibonacci (How To Forecast)

Elliott wave applied on SBI provided very precise forecasting ability. SBI had been in a strong uptrend over many weeks now.
Is there a way to enter into the up move in middle of the trend and still manage to capture 11%? Yes
Now see the below chart which was published on 15th November morning before markets opened in the daily equity research report – The Financial Waves short term update
SBI Hourly chart: (anticipated on 15th November 2019)
SBI hourly chart: Happened
Elliott Wave analysis: Following was published on 15th November 2019
After a good rally, a phase of consolidation was expected in SBI which is precisely the dip that we are currently witnessing in the stock. In the previous trading session the stock closed on a flat note at 306.
On the daily chart we can see that SBIN is moving in the form of wave F on the upside .As we can see the price had moved up too fast too soon and away from the 30 EMA, hence the possibility of mean reversion cannot be ruled out. But it is better to trade on the side of the higher degree trend and best not to trading the corrections.
On the hourly chart we have shown the internal counts of wave E where we can see that wave (a) was completed near the high of 324 and currently wave (b) is ongoing. This wave (b) has not yet retraced 38.2% of wave (a) so it could either continue moving lower or consolidate in time. A break above 324 on closing basis can take the stock higher towards 338-340 levels as far as 295 levels remains intact on the downside.
In short, SBI is in a corrective mode for now .If the stock breaks and closes above 325 we can expect a move higher towards 338-340 levels in the form of wave (c) as far as 295 levels remains intact on the downside.
Happened: SBI moved precisely as expected and touched the high of 342 levels as of now. This simply shows power of Elliott wave along with Fibonacci projections.
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Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Why You Should Not Ignore Gold

Safe Haven appeal: Few months back, Gold has given a breakout from long consolidation pattern which suggests start of the bullish trend. Gold is one of the preferred asset classes when uncertainty in economy prevails.
Gold is the hedge against Inflation however as of now situation is different where Inflation in developed economy is not rising. Thus Central banks are trying hard to keep economy back on track. So this time, is Gold moving higher on back of higher Inflation or due to the economy uncertainty ahead?
Following was published in the monthly research report on 7th November 2019 – The Financial Waves monthly update
LBMA Gold Spot Quarterly chart
Technical Outlook:
Golden Era of 10 years: The above Quarterly chart of LBMA Gold Spot indicates that from the year of 1980 to 2000, one of the long consolidations was witnessed. Post that we all know that how prices rallied in exponential fashion from $250 to $1920 between the year of 2001 to 2011. These 10 years were the Golden era for investors as it rose almost 670% from the low of $250.
Sluggish period of almost 8 years: After such kind of massive rise, corrections are the normal behaviour of market. From end of 2011 to the mid of 2018, prices remained under pressure and corrected from the highs of $1920 to the low of $1046 levels.  This is a correction of 45% from the highs.
Inverse Head and Shoulder Pattern: This is one of the simple but important reversal patterns found in technical analysis. Prices formed text book image Inverse H & S Pattern and broke out above neckline in the year of 2019. The breakout has happened with strong momentum which is bullish sign. As per this pattern, Gold is expected to touch the target of $1675 by the mid of 2020.
Bollinger Bands: With this recent breakout, upper and middle Bands of Bollinger has shifted on upside along with MACD crossover above 0 levels. Both these indicators suggest that bullish trend to continue in coming period.
Channels and Trendline:  Recent upward breakout suggests that market can remain in bullish phase. The green upward moving channel as well as trendline which is connecting the prior 2 highs made in the year of 1980 and 2012 suggests that prices to move higher as shown by forecasting lines.
Conclusion: Gold has started its multi-year of bull market and this can continue over next 10 years towards the level of…..
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Friday, November 22, 2019

Nifty - Why 11880 crucial level for trading? #Elliottwave Dia...

#Nifty #Elliottwave #Neowave perspective combined with #BollingerBands and technical analysis for #trading. Attend the most advanced training on technical analysis -

Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Nifty at crucial juncture! Which side will it take off? Average True range with Elliott wave

Nifty and Bank Nifty had been inching higher but the momentum has been very slow and it has been hitting the wall zone!
Below chart shows the multiple red trendline that meet at the same intersection. Multiple trendline intersections are very important areas and one need to keep a close watch on price behaviour from there. A decisive break above the intersection zone will be bullish whereas move back below the support area will indicate prices got rejected at higher levels.
Nifty 60 minutes chart:

Average True Value (ATR) is a classic tool to measure the overall daily range of the market. ATR is calculated by taking difference between the highs and the lows, today’s high compared to previous close, today’s low compared to previous close and taking the average over the period of time. 10 days ATR value of Nifty has cooled off from 200 points to nearly 118 points now. This is classical indication that option buyers need to be cautious and markets might start consolidation or non trending behaviour. So, buyers will have to consider buying in the money options else there will be deterioration in the prices despite of the market moving in expected direction.
The sharp fall in ATR can be seen from the above chart which has now reached towards the nominal value.
In a nutshell, one needs to combine various methods together to form trading strategy. Above chart shows, Elliott wave counts, Trendlines, Channels, Average True Range (ATR) and Moving averages. It will now be important to see if prices can manage to break above the earlier highs to generate necessary momentum for further positivity or start giving up from here trapping the buyers! It is time to be alert and not complacent. Next few days will be extremely crucial.
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Tuesday, November 19, 2019

55 Days Hurst Time Cycle on Nifty!

Nifty had been moving in high volatile environment for many weeks. Amidst all the events one method that has helped us to trade objectively and forecast is Hurst’s Time cycles and Elliott wave patterns.
It is amazing to see how well the above techniques have worked out. We have marked completion of wave b and expected rise in form of wave c which has played out accurately.
Below is the chart we published in our monthly report, The Financial Waves Monthly Update”
 Nifty daily chart- Time Cycles (Anticipated on 9th October 2019)
Nifty daily chart- Time Cycles (Happened)
 (Below is the extract of the research from our Monthly report)
Anticipated: As shown on the chart there is high possibility that we might have completed wave E of the ongoing Diametric pattern near the lows of 10600 and we are currently moving higher in the form of wave F. Within this wave b looks to be over at the low of 11090 and we might have started wave c of F higher. Further confirmation of the same will be obtained on move above 11420 levels which will result into move above 11700 or higher levels. Also this turn has come very near to the blue 55 days Time cycle which we have been using for many years. On downside, any move below 11000 will suggest that we might end of forming a triangle consolidation without any meaningful trend.
In a nutshell, looking at the global economic parameter and negative yields the long term trend remains a concern however, over short term one leg on upside looks pending that will take prices higher towards 11700 or beyond that before we start the leg on downside!
Happened: Nifty has moved precisely as expected. We have shown the anticipated and happened move in the above charts. Nifty was near 11300 levels when we mentioned about 11700 and higher levels. Prices showed sharp rise in the month of October and flirted around 12000 levels.
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Monday, November 18, 2019

How to trade Neo wave Diametric pattern with channel in Crude?

Neo wave is advanced concept of Elliott wave and the key to trade profitably is identifying the pattern. Now see the Diametric pattern as per Neo wave in Crude.
Also see how well simple channeling technique works to identify the price action.
The diametric pattern is a very common pattern that we observe more often on the charts. A Diametric is a seven-legged corrective pattern and is labeled as A-B-C-D-E-F-G. Important characteristic is that wave E tends towards equality with wave C in terms of price and/or time, wave F tends towards equality with wave B and wave G tends towards equality with wave A.
Below is the chart of MCX Crude with detailed analysis published in our daily commodity report under the name- “The Commodity Waves STU”
 MCX Crude Nov 60 min chart:
(Below is the extract of the research from our daily research report under the name- “The Commodity Waves STU”)
Anticipated as on 18th November 2019:
MCX Crude in the previous session formed a green body candle with a lower wick almost equal to its body which indicates bullishness. For now crude seems to be trading in a range between 4150 – 4040.
On the hourly time frame we can see that prices at channel resistance level has been tested multiple times now and we need to see a decisive daily close above this channel for further rally. It seems that wave e may be extended. One can trade support resistance mentioned in the daily trading range as the commodity is now clearly trading range bound.
In a nutshell, the trend for MCX Crude seems sideways to positive. As far as …. remains protected one can buy on dips towards ….. level for bounce towards channel resistance.
Happened: Crude has been moving precisely as expected and managed to provide good trading opportunity.
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Friday, November 8, 2019

Nifty Are you ready for a crash if support breaks

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Thursday, November 7, 2019

Is Bank Nifty at the inflexion zone? Make it or break it!

Bank Nifty had been exhibiting a classical higher highs and higher lows a clear Dow theory method. The index has continued to inch higher in classical Diametric pattern as per Neo wave  Advanced Elliott wave.
Always understand that Neo wave helps you to understand the maturity of trend and the probable reversal areas. However, we need to get two stage confirmations which indicate that the trend has reversed. Let me explain this basic concept of Neo wave which is extremely important.
One needs to see number of days or hours the last rising segment has taken. A faster retracement below the trendline that connects the important lows provides the first negative confirmation that the trend is in danger. Later a complete retracement below the last rising segment provides 2nd stage confirmation that trend has reversed and move in opposite side has started.
This is amazing way for confirming that the trend has reversed and thereby providing good risk reward and entering opportunity. Now look at the below chart of Bank Nifty which was published in the daily morning research report – The Financial Waves short term update.
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Bank Nifty 60 min chart:
Elliott Wave analysis: (mentioned in morning research)
Bank Nifty has continued to move up making a very clear higher highs and higher lows pattern which is seen after a long time. There has been a systematic rise and rotational participation from different banking stocks. As long as the short term chart shows this formation it is best to stay on the long side.
On the daily chart (shown in actual research report)
On the hourly chart we see that wave g is unfolding in the diametric pattern in wave c (blue). Prices are now kissing distance away from the previous top and we are keep a close watch if there is acceptance or rejection near this zone.
In short trend for Bank Nifty seems positive. On downside 30200 is nearest support and break above 30800 will extend this rally further towards 31200 levels.
Happened: As you can see Bank Nifty flirted around 30800 but closed near 30650. There has been rejection near the previous pivot top and we are in wave g which is normally the last rising segment of Diametric. I am now alert and not complacent to see if prices get rejected strongly and move below the end of wave f which is also the channel support. Keep a watch on these levels very closely!
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