Monday, August 20, 2018

Reliance Multibagger stock with 77% returns in just over a year!

Reliance Industries has been outperforming since Nifty started its journey on the upside and also is amongst the top stocks which has helped Nifty to hold the apex.
We published about Reliance Industries on April 2017 and predicted a possibility of Multibagger returns. The stock gave almost 77% from the levels given in just over a year. So, irrespective it is a largecap we were able to capture a strong up move.
We were able to predict its move with the help of Time Cycle and Elliott wave techniques.  Prices post forming a triangle pattern gave a break on the upside in the form of primary degree wave 5. 
See yourself the chart of Reliance Industrieswhich rose from the level of 700 to 1236
Reliance Industries Weekly chart: adjusted for split (anticipated in April, 2017)

Reliance Industries Weekly chart: Happened

The above research about Reliance Industries was published on 04th April 2017
(Here is a part of research taken from research report.)
Reliance Industries the third most profitable company and is one of the highest volume traded stocks on NSE. This stock carries weightage of 6.78% which is the second highest market capitalization after TCS. 
On the above weekly chart, currently primary wave III is completing its course and further subdividing in 5 legs. Wave 3 of the same completed at the life time highs of 1500 (before split) levels in 2007 after that wave 4 completed its course within the contracting structure near the channel support at 1012 (before split) levels. Now wave 5 has started its course on upside which should be impulsive in nature, so this is the correct time to enter this stock in staggered fashion from medium to long term perspective to experience an impulsive segment.
??? weeks bottoming cycleis suiting brilliantly to the above chart and all the major lows are made near the same in the past. As per this cycle bottom was made in the mid 2015 and the next is due in ……. so the outlook as per this technique would be positive.
In a nutshell, cluster of evidences like channelized technique, Elliott wave counts, time cycles, moving average line indicate that the next Bull Run has begun in this stock from medium to long term perspective. Important support is placed at …. levels near the channel support, on upside we should continue to see a multiyear’s bull trend towards …… levels where intermediate wave 5=wave 1.
Happened: Reliance moved precisely as expected and gave a return of more than 77% that too in just over a year. Also the risk associated with this largecap was minimal at the time we published it.
So, which are the next Multibagger stocks that will increase your portfolio value over the years to come by strongly outperforming the broader markets?
A Multibagger is not necessarily only from Midcap or Smallcap space but if you are able to identify the stock from largecap that is on the verge of giving a breakout from multiyear consolidation it can also provide tremendous returns. The above is a classic example and no one dared to forecast Reliance thinking where will Nifty head if Reliance increased multi-fold. You have the proof now!!
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