Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Dabur: Multibagger giving 29% returns in just over 3 months!

Dabur has been another major outperformer from our Multibagger research and it has given nearly 29% returns in just over 3 months. The study used to identify such stock is Time cycles combined with Elliott wave analysis.
Identifying the stock that has capability to give promising returns that too when Midcap index is way below their life time high levels is not an easy task. We use various methods to stay objective and identify such jewels that has huge potential not based on fundamentals but a strong technical structure. Dabur was one such stock which we published on 18th April in our Multibagger research report”. The stock was trading near the zone of 345 – 350.
See yourself below chart of Dabur which helped us to be bullish at 345 – 350 levels and the stock touched intraday high of nearly 444.85 in today’s session. That is a whopping 28% – 29% return in just over 3 months.
Dabur weekly chart: (Anticipated on 18th April 2018)

Dabur weekly chart: Happened

The above research about Dabur was published on 18th April 2018 in our “The Financial Waves Multibagger update”.
(Here is a part of research taken from the Multibagger research report.)
Multibagger stock recommendation: Dabur
Buy Price – 340 – 350
Time Horizon – 1 – 2 years
Investment – 5% of capital
Target price – ………. levels
Stoploss – 250
Elliott Wave analysis: (Anticipated on 18th April 2018)
Dabur India Ltd is into FMCG sector with Market Capitalization of over Rs 61,900 Crore. The major reason to pick up this stock is that it has been into a long bull trend since 2003. The overall structure of this stock is explained below.
Elliott wave perspective: As shown in weekly chart of Dabur, from 2012 to mid-2016 prices moved higher from the levels of 92 to 316 levels in the form of primary wave …… which is more than 240% increase? After the strong Bull Run this stock was contained within a consolidation and prices drifted lower from the high of 316 levels to 265 levels in the form of wave ……..
108 weeks cycle, channeling technique: and much detailed explanation given in the Multibagger research report.
In a nutshell, various indicators like Time cycle, Exponential Moving Average, Elliott wave counts and channel technique suggests that we can expect this stock to rally towards ….. levels over next 1 to 2 years with 250 as very important support.
Happened: As mentioned prices exhibited a sharp move on upside and has performed amazingly well touching intraday high of 444.85 providing nearly 29% return in short span of time. This clearly shows even in this market when only a few midcap stocks are participating we have been able to identify a stock having potential to give amazing returns.
Create your portfolio of stocks that have potential to give 80% to 100% returns over 1 to 2 years. However, one has to take a systematic and disciplined approach and book partial profit for capital protection. Subscribe now to “Multibagger research report “ here

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