Friday, December 30, 2016

Nifty: Path ahead in 2017 with Intraday trading strategies!

Below research highlights how to trade Nifty on intraday basis using time tested methods like Elliott wave, Channels, basic technical indicators.

Until last week there was extreme pessimism among market participants as Nifty was moving lower and violated the earlier lows 7915 level. However we continuously mentioned in our daily update that prices have one leg on upside pending as per Elliott wave pattern. Nifty made a low at 7893 and then reversed sharply on upside. We at Waves Strategy Advisors have coined a pattern as “h shaped pattern”. This pattern is identified by us (not in text book) on many occasions. It takes the shape of “h” where prices retest the earlier lows with less momentum and then reverses on upside to trap the bears.

Look at the below chart that was shown in our Monthly research report on 6th December 2016:

Nifty daily chart

Happened so far:

The above chart clearly explains irrespective of the events Nifty moved closely to the path shown in the The Financial Waves Monthly research report published on 6th December. It formed an h shaped pattern and reversed back after turning majority bearish. The above research is only to showcase the power of the study and the predictability it carries. There is more to it.

January 2017 is going to be highly volatile and a strong trending month if our readings are correct. It is time to have the trading strategies in place to capitalize the ongoing medium term and short term trend. Many believe intraday trading cannot be done using Elliott wave. Now below is a concrete proof of how we helped our subscribers capture the intraday swings. The following is published in The Financial Waves trading update

Here are the Intraday trading strategies of last few days which has exactly moved in lines with our expectations.

Strategy of 26th December 2016: Short positions can be created on move below 7940 with day's high as stop and target of 7900.

Happened: Nifty broke below 7940 and moved below target level.

Strategy of 27th December 2016: For today, Long positions can be created only on move above 7960 with 7920 as stop and target of 8000.

Happened: Nifty moved higher exactly as expected and crossed above the target level of 8000.

Strategy of 28th December 2016: For today, long positions can be created if Nifty sustains above 8050 for 30 minutes with 8000 as stop and target of 8100.

Happened: Nifty moved exactly as expected and touched intraday high of 8100.55 levels.

Strategy of 29th December 2016: For today, long positions can be created if Nifty move towards 8020 and then bounces back above 8060 with 8020 as stop and target of 8100.

Happened: Nifty has been moving exactly as expected and prices after forming a low exactly near 8020, crossed above 8060 and achieved the target of 8100.

Strategy of 30th December 2016: For today, long positions can be created on move above 8115 with 8060 as stop and target of 8170.

Happened: In todays session Nifty has touched the high of 8180 level which has achieved our mentioned target level.

The above successful strategy clearly shows that our research tools such as Elliott wave, Time cycles and basic technical indicators has continued to work well and helping us to build accurate intraday trading strategies along with long term forecasts.

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