Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Trading Strategy & Sensex Time Cycles

Trading Strategy & Sensex Time Cycles

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In our previous article that was published on 19th November on the website we mentioned the following – “We are re-visiting 69 days cycle on Sensex. This cycle has worked very precisely in the entire fall of 2011. Also it has given the exact day of low on 26th July 2012. Assuming that this 69 days cycle is still working the cycle low date was 7th November 2012. Giving + 8 days leeway we get a date maybe today or 19th November for an important low to be formed. Failure to do that will increase the odds that this cycle has probably shifted to the low marked as wave ii. If prices manage to protect the lows at 18400 and move sideways from here it will confirm that 18400 should not be taken out atleast for few weeks.” BANG ON!!!

Sensex Daily chart:

Published on website on 19th November 2012 and showed in our daily research report on 16th November 2012 morning:

 Happened as on 27th November 2012: 

Happened: Sensex is quoting at 18792 and Nifty at 5709. Markets have behaved exactly as per Time Cycles, Elliott wave patterns. Simply knowing the above charts might not necessarily give you money unless the trading strategy and short term movements are properly timed and captured.

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