Friday, November 30, 2012

Nifty / Sensex: Do you also have a miss out feeling!

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Nifty had biggest one day gain since 21st September 2012. It continued the uptrend and gained more than 1.5% on expiry day!
While most of the traders were waiting for opportunity to get into the market, we were already into the market with profits booked. Our daily market “Financial Waves Short Term Update“ research report gave our subscribers view on Nifty before market opened and to be in right direction of the trend…
Nifty continued to show spectacular rally and registered one of the biggest rally since the middle of wave 3 in September.Current expiry had been different than the previous past few months, as expiry days had been quiet with relatively narrow range bound movement.
As shown in our report on 29th November, 2012 before market opened:
Nifty close was 5720 before following was published on 29th November morning report:
Looking at the current advance in Nifty and Sensex it looks impulsive and as prices have closed above 5700 levels we think wave 5 has started.
First target for this wave 5 is ………. which is 61.8% of ……. and also other cluster of resistances comes in that zone. Also in the up move from 4770 none of the waves out of wave 1 and wave 3 are extended and so there is a possibility that wave 5 can form an extension opening up target for wave 5 to ……….
As shown on 60 mins chart, ….… which was resistance before will now become strong support and as long as this level is intact on downside our bias is positive.
In short, our bias is positive for a move towards …… with ……….acting as important support level.
Nifty spot trading currently (30th November 2012) at 5865….
This is not it…There is more left to the current trend. Don’t be the last person to enter the trend but know the important levels and targets. Simply subscribe to “The Financial Waves Short term update”. In case you do not want to see the charts but just want to receive trading calls, subscribe to our advisory or chat assistant services and receive calls directly via sms or on messenger. For more information write to us at

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