Friday, November 9, 2012

Neo Wave: Advanced Elliott wave concepts

Neo Wave: Advanced Elliott wave concepts

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Neo wave by Glen Neely is an advanced part of Elliott wave. In a simple Elliott wave there are only 3 basic rules:
1.       Wave 3 cannot be the shortest of wave 1, 3 and 5
2.       Wave 4 cannot overlap with any part of wave 1
3.       Wave 2 cannot retrace 100% of wave 1
However by using above rules for impulsive structure there is couple of probable scenarios always running. Neo wave has many rules to define a simple impulse pattern which are very rare. This tends to reduce the subjectivity and provide objectively the most probable scenario that can occur. Following are a few important rules that Neo wave gives
“Rules for Impulsive Waves”
1.       An impulse wave consists of 5 waves with wave 1, 3 and 5 traveling in direction of the impulse and wave 2 and wave 4 correcting the preceding wave
2.       Wave 3 cannot be the shortest of wave 1,3 and 5
3.       No part of wave 3 can break the 0 – 2 line
4.       No point of wave 5 can break the 2-4 line
5.       Touch point rule: Out of 6 points in impulsive wave not more than 4 points should lie on the channel.
6.       Rule of Equality: The rule of equality states that two unextended waves should tend towards equality in price / time.
7.       Overlap rule: No part of wave 4 can fall into the price range covered by wave 2
8.       Extension Rule: The longest wave should be atleast 1.618 times the next longest wave in terms of price.
9.       Rule of Alternation: Wave 2 and wave 4 should alternate in as much ways as possible – Price, Time, Severity, Intricacy, Construction
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  1. " No part of wave 3 can break the 0 – 3 line ", IS THIS CORRECT OR 0-2 LINE SHOULD BE THERE?

  2. It should be 0-2 line.. Thanks for the correction

  3. can u explain with figures n charts , exactly how we should see a neo wave .

  4. Hi Dikshita, It is a very indepth concept and it is difficult to explain it here. We will be conducting a training on Neo wave probably in February and you can attend that in Mumbai. For more details you can visit