Monday, December 23, 2013

Ashish Kyal view on Sensex in Economic Times section of Navbharat Times

Sensex is lacking momentum even after touching new highs!

The below is the English transcript of article by Ashish KyalCMT Director of Waves Strategy Advisors in Economic Times section of Navbharat Times.
Sensex and Nifty both made new life time highs in current month of December. Both the indices crossed above the life time high levels of 2008. But crossing a level should not be the sole reason for believing the uptrend but it has to be supported by Volumes and strong momentum.
Sensex touched new life time highs on 09th December 2013 at 21484 after the state election outcome which showed that a clear majority is possible in upcoming Lok Sabha election in 2014. However, after having a strong Gap up opening prices failed to sustain at new highs and started moving lower from the very next day making a low near 20600 levels last week. From medium term perspective, this simply indicates that positive news is also failing to generate strong momentum and market gets nervous everytime it hits new highs.
Global outlook: Everyone globally was eyeing the FED stand on tapering last week. Finally, FED announced that it will reduce the purchases of assets under QE3. Everyone expected world equity markets to react strongly on negative side as the liquidity will reduce but as soon as the announcement was made US markets started rallying and closed up by more than 1.5% touching life time highs. Trading solely based on news can therefore be very challenging and one should have atleast basic technical analysis techniques to understand the market trend. As per this technique the trend remains positive on US markets which are at life time highs and food for thought is that the crisis of 2008 originated in developed markets that are giving better returns since the lows made in 2009 then against developing markets like India which is still struggling as soon as it touched new highs!
Current week can carry minor positivity and short term outlook:  Sensex reacted positively after RBI maintained its status quo on repo rate and kept it unchanged. There can be short term positivity expected in this week as long as 20600 remain intact on downside. Sensex can touch new highs near 21500 but we think lesser number of stocks will participate and the up move will be on lower volumes and momentum. This level of 21500 is at very important trendline resistance which is valid since 2009 onwards and is sloping upwards. This trendline already acted as strong resistance for 5 times and prices have constantly failed to cross above it. The resistance as per this trendline is near 21500 & this time as well prices should fail to cross above it.
Relative strength index (RSI) a very important technical indicator is already showing that the new highs made on 9th December was on slower momentum and currently as well equity market can touch new highs but momentum will further reduce.
In short, one should trade with positive bias this week but with strict stoploss and clear targets. Also proper sector and stock selection will be important. IT sector has continued to outperform during uncertain period and stocks from this sector remains our favorite pick.
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