Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Nifty Above 20k? Is it Possible to Time to Book Profits or Ride?

Is it possible to time the stock market?  Nifty is back above 20k, what is next?

It is very much possible to time the stock market to very Day, Hour, and Minute. The below chart shows how one can forecast the market using the simple concept of Time cycles.

Nifty 15 minutes chart: Time cycle Anticipated (webinar on 25th November)

Nifty happened – so far as on 29th November 2023

Nifty first chart was discussed in detail with 1000s of participants showing 28th November, Tuesday 2 pm on basis of Hurst’s Time cycle concept that the trend can emerge on upside. 

Happened: Nifty formed a low at 19810 precisely at 2pm on 28th November and rallied above 20100 in less than two days. A move of nearly 300 points on index that too precisely from time cycle.

By combining Time cycle along with Price action it is possible to forecast the market and trade with the edge of time.

Overall trend remains bullish and if any dips to next cycle low will provide opportunity to again buy the index.

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