Friday, April 23, 2021

Nifty - Why 14221 Gann so Important? by Ashish Kyal, CMT, Author 23-04-2021


Learn Application of Time Cycles – combination of #Gann Price Action areas, Hurst’s Cycles and Ichimoku Cloud with advanced techinque of Elliott Wave and Neo Wave by Ashish Kyal, CMT, Author of the Book Effective Trading in Financial Markets using Technical Analysis. No prior knowledge, No Software required. We will ensure you get the tools necessary to become one of the finest traders. Enroll now: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 

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LinkedIn - ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ #FridayTechnicals by Ashish Kyal Trading Gurukul #AKTG - Combining Gann levels with #Neowave and smaller Timecycles is working so precisely and I cannot stop sharing my findings. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 

Gann projection is an advance analysis tool for forecasting resistance & support zones. It helps to identify the important zone as per Gann. Gann levels that worked so extremely well in providing support and resistance to prices. Gann square of Nine Price projection can be combined well with Hurst’s Time cycles to get the most of the chart -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 

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