Tuesday, February 25, 2020

How to Forecast Nifty to the Day with Exact Levels

If you have seen my webinar of 14th February and the path I showed on that day Nifty has followed it to the point till date.
I am myself thrilled to see prices behaving in such systematic way despite of news or events.
I always believed in sharing across the techniques I have built over the decade with complete trade plan. I use different Indicators, Bollinger Bands, Channels with Elliott wave, Neo wave and Hurst’s Time cycles.
Trust me even a moving average works extremely well if you know which parameter to select. Most of you might be using 200 days or 50 days average but smart trader already is aware what is majority of the retail traders are looking at and use it for stop hunting. This is the reason why your stops get triggered and prices reverse back.
So in the upcoming Become Market Wizard comprising of two modules – Master of Technical analysis (MOTA) and Master of Waves (MOW) which will ensure you can learn right from the important indicators to the Elliott wave levels. I have done it over the decade and you need not worry about how to start about it. You only need passion for learning and I will make it happen.
You can simply register here as the Early bird ends on 29th Feb – Registernow


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