Friday, August 9, 2019

Nifty: Classical alignment of Time cycles, Neo wave, Channels!

Nifty has shown sharp rise over past two days which is against majority of expectations who were forecasting 10500 or 10000 levels on downside. However, as per advanced Elliott wave – Neo wave the pattern was very clear and we got the price confirmation as well in yesterday’s session itself. Since then Nifty has moved sharply higher and everyone is searching for logical reason.
We published Momentum research and the stock is up nearly 3%, gave positional call on Maruti and stock is up more than 4%, published Multibagger and much more exactly near the lows. This shows power of patterns. Nifty, Bank Nifty buy call was given despite of the rise as the momentum was strong due to short covering and fresh long build ups.
Below is the chart of Nifty picked up from the daily research report – The Financial Waves short term update:
Nifty 60 mins chart:
Nifty exhibited triple corrective pattern and retraced the last falling segment in faster time. This confirmed yesterday itself that a low is formed and we are reversing on upside with strong momentum.
It exhibited a triangle in the final correction with strong positive divergences when everyone was busy trading their negative biases.
Time cycles: worked our extremely well and Nifty did form a low as per the cycle and reversed now. Also note our subscribers are already in the money and trailing stop to a profitable levels so that now there is no loss just in case there is turn of events. This is how one can capture a trade early on and ride the entire move using trailing stop method until its over with absolute no risk.
Following are the intraday calls given in the Nifty trading research report over past few days on both sides and it worked amazingly well:
Trade on 9th August morning:  Long positions can be created above 11060 with 10990 as stop and target of 11120 level. BANG ON! Nifty crossed the target of 11120.
Trade on 8th August: Long positions can be created above 10930 with day’s low as stop and target of 10970 levels” BANG ON! Nifty moved precisely as expected and crossed above 10970 levels.
Trade on 7th August: Short positions can be created below 10880 with 10940 as stop and target of 10830 levels.” Nifty moved as expected despite of RBI policy and made a low near 10835 levels by closing.
Trade on 6th August:  “Long positions can be created above 10900 with day’s low as stop and target of 10940 levels” BANG ON! Nifty moved beyond the target levels after breaking above 10900 levels.
The above clearly shows when majority are busy searching for reasons our strategy has been working out extremely well based on Neo wave patterns. So what is next from here?
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