Monday, June 10, 2019

DHFL: Capturing 27% down move in just 3 sessions!

DHFL has been in a strong downtrend ever since it tested the 691.50 in September 2018. This down move was captured with the help of Elliott wave and channelling techniques which helps in predicting the target levels.
Below is the chart with detailed analysis published in our report - “The Financial Waves STU”
DHFL: 60 mins chart: (Anticipated as on 03rd June, 2019)

DHFL 60 mins chart: (Happened as on 07th June, 2019)

(Below is the extract taken from our daily equity research report)
Anticipated as on 03rd June,2019: On the daily chart we can see the prices have been moving in a downward slopping channel, currently we are currently taking a resistance at the upper trendline of channel. If we observe the candle closely prices are moving sideways for the past 18 session between the 99 and 132 levels. As per the wave theory we are currently moving in the form of wave a on the downside post completion wave x near the level of 132.
In short the trend for DHFL seems to be sideways to negative and break below 102 will resume the downtrend. We can then expect a move towards 90 or lower levels.
Happened as on 07thJune,2019- Prices moved in line with our expectations, with a gap down from 101 levels and moved down towards 80 levels.
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