Friday, May 3, 2019

Nifty – Time cycles, Envelope and Oscillator!

You will agree that Nifty has been stuck in a range and not moving anywhere over past few days. Prices after touching the highs of 11856 on 18th April is simply drifting sideways. Interestingly, month end option prices are not deteriorating due to the election outcome on 23rd May.
Looking at the behavior of markets there is high likelihood it will be Modi sarkar again at the center. I am not being biased but trying to read the market movement. This is how it behaved in 2014 and the similar story is repeating again.

In this webinar I have talked about how to identify time cycles using envelope and de trended oscillator
You can get access to the monthly research report that will provide detailed analysis on what to expect before the election on the Election Day and post the outcome for rest of the month. Get access here
Post your time cycles findings on the Trader’s Forum. I am eager to see cycles on stocks – Post it here

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