Thursday, December 20, 2018

How to make 16% in just 16 days trading stocks?

In the current market when Nifty has been all over the places it is not easy to trade. You need to have a systematic method to gain 10% to 15% on a stock over short term.
Honeywell Automation recommended on 7th November 2018 gave a return of more than 16% in just 16 days.
You can see the chart below where the stock was recommended and how it behaved so far:
Honeywell Automation – Daily chart  Anticipated on 7th November 2018

Honeywell Automation – Happened so far

Following was published for this stock on 7th November 2018:

Honeywell automation from the telecom automation space has been in a secular bull trend. When the entire telecom space is in struggle, this stock which is ancillary to this industry has still done exceptionally well.

As of now the stock is in its dream run and currently wave 4 of (3) is ongoing. Post completion of this we will see wave 5 of (3) which will be strong and move towards ……… can then be expected. 150 exponential moving average (black) is working exceptionally well and we can expect positive trend to continue as long as the same is protected.

In a nutshell, trend for Honeywell automation is positive and one can create long positions at current levels of 20300 …………….

The above method clearly shows how we can use Elliott wave, Neo wave theory combine it along with basic methods like Channels, RSI, Moving averages and ride the momentum or create stocks in portfolio for Multibagger returns. So how far this stock can go from here?

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