Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Nifty: Revisiting Hurst’s Time cycles with Neo wave! Why basic technicals are equally important?

Time cycles are different study within Technical analysis that helps to understand the overall maturity of trend along with key reversal days. It focuses on timing the market can also be used for price projections.
Like any other indicators we use Time cycles as a secondary confirmation to prices. The reason being Time is a challenging element and is more accurate capturing lows rather than tops. Nevertheless, it still gives us some sense of indication if we are within the topping zone. 

For price forecasting we rely largely on Neo wave conceptsAdvanced Elliott wave. If the pattern under formation is clear then it is thrilling experience to see each and every movement as per the assumed pattern. The challenge arises when prices start deviating from the assumed pattern hinting that some other structure is probably forming. It is during this time we have to fall back upon the classical technical analysis methods and trend following systems like Bar techniques, RSI and Moving averages.

Now look at below chart for understanding Time cycles:

Nifty Neo wave plot:

The first chart shows bottoming Hurst’s Time cycles. This cycle has worked very well capturing important lows. We try to use this cycle to look at the tops occasionally but unless there is price confirmation capturing a top in a trending market can be tricky. Nevertheless, cycles normally enters into topping zone in their second half. This cycle has now entered into its second half zone so we are not complacent like majority but alert. This does not mean one should go on shorting the market but it is just helping us to stay aware so that there are no negative surprises.

Neo wave plot: Now this is important chart shown above which is plotted as per Neo wave. Please note the time scale is missing because the plot is different than normal Line charts or Bar charts. The internal counts are marked on this chart with Diametric pattern followed by wave x then a Zigzag again wave x (refer Fractal Nature for wave x) and now again a Diametric pattern is assumed. In case prices start deviating from the expected outcome we will then have to look at other possible patterns but until then we will assume this is the structure under formation. Also these counts are in sync with the Time cycles shown above.

Price and Time confirmation is the key to trading success! Majority of the traders try to pre-empt the moves even before confirmation and then they point towards inefficiency of the theory. Please understand when the structure is unfolding we are assuming and identifying it with a pattern that looks probable. Therefore we have to wait for break of support or resistance levels along with Moving averages and Bar techniques before finally pulling the trigger on the short or long side. Detailed discussion on key reversal areas with levels that will determine the medium term trend are mentioned in our daily research report – The Financial Waves short term update

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