Happened: Nifty daily chart showed on 5th August 2015 monthly update
Happened: Nifty daily chart shown on 4th September 2015

The above charts clearly show that by identifying the pattern earlier on we have been able to very accurately predict the movement of Nifty over past many months. I do not say that the accuracy can be this high everytime as it is all about probability but as long as prices behave as per the pattern forecasted it is prudent to stick with it unless there is deviation from expectations.
Also note that all of these months have been very eventful right from results, China Yuan devaluation,  FED meeting, RBI meeting and much more. Irrespective of these events or news prices continue to move as per the path forecasted for more than a month before in our monthly research report “The Financial Waves Monthly update”.

Now below is a brief excerpt from the 4th September research report when majority were bearish but we refrained from taking that stand and warned our clients that upside reversal is imperative – “Market leaders are not participating: During the fall in form of wave e the major draggers were commodity stocks – Tatasteel, Hindalco, Industrial stocks – Reliance Industries, ADAG group stocks, Realty stocks like DLF, HDIL, etc. However, each of these stocks has not taken out their respective lows made on 25th August. The pressure continues to be strong on Banking index that majority expected to strongly outperform just few months back and is now the major dragger. Internal behavior of the leaders protecting the lows is indicating that the downtrend is now in matured stage over short term and there can be upside pullback. Nevertheless unless we see a close above the previous week’s high it is better to avoid catching a low.”

Indian Equity markets behaved exactly as expected in the month of September as well. We have been able to forecasts the trend for Nifty very accurately over past many months now. This simply shows the power of pattern if identified correctly.

As shown in Figure 3, after the sharp selloff in last week of August and early September, majority of the market leaders indeed protected their lows and bounced back. We are seeing pullback in start of October and this can continue for ………….. in the form of wave f of Diametric Pattern.

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