Thursday, August 7, 2014

Intermarket Analysis and Long Term Forecast!

The Financial Waves Monthly update is now published!
See Relative Comparison of different sectors post August 2013, Understand the GDP and PE Ratio with Sensex. Baltic Dry Index, Gold/Silver ratio future path, TVS Motors long term outlook andEURUSD
Our Financial Waves Monthly Report July 2014 Issue tried to cover long term analysis on the above points making our paid subscribers ready for the movement upcoming in markets
Below is the gist of our report which is sent to our paid subscribers
Relative Comparison of different sectors in rally started from August 2013
Below we have shown how different sectors have performed since the rally started from August 2013. In last 1 month participation of various sectors has changed. The rally post 7th July 2014 has been very different in terms of sector participation.
Understanding GDP Growth, PE Ratio with Sensex!
GDP Growth gauges the overall health of the economy whereas PE Ratio depicts whether stock market valuations are high or low. We have taken the data of both this important aspect to analyze with the perspective of technical analysis rather than Fundamental. It proves that stock market is the leading indicator.
Baltic Dry Index
To gauge the overall health of World Economy we have analyzed the Baltic Dry Index .This index is majorly looked as an assessment of whether the goods produced are transported across the globe or is just building up inventory.
Gold/Silver Ratio
For any investor or trader who deals in Gold and Silver, it is very important to look at Gold/ Silver ratio. This ratio provides important indication that which commodity will outperform orunderperform and one can form pair trading strategy as well.
TVS Motor Long Term Outlook
Indian Markets have gone through euphoric rise since August 2013. Midcap and Smallcap stocks have shown exponential pick up in prices. We have picked up TVS Motors and applied Elliott wave theory on the same to know the long term outlook of the stock. As per wave perspective, TVS Motor is set to move towards 500 by mid 2017!!
Dollar Index has showed some strength in last month. EURUSD currency pair has highestweightage in that index. Along with EURO, GBP and JPY has also showed weakness and depreciated against US Dollar. Overall wave counts and Time Cycle is suggesting that down move for EURUSD should start after few months which can result into developed equity markets reversal.
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