Friday, January 24, 2014

RANBAXY tumbled by 20%: USFDA concerns but we were expecting the fall!

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Ranbaxy is the one of the stocks from Pharma sector which often comes in the news media due to its USFDA worries.
Every time whenever prices fell, the justification of the fall was associated with its USFDA issues. 
In the today’s morning session stock was down by 20% and now you may have heard the following news: The US Food and Drug Administration (USFDA) has banned Ranbaxy’s Punjab-basedToansa Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API) plant. (stock plunges 20%)– From Money control
The important observation is that this kind of news comes in the media only after the move has completed. Is this down move predictable? The answer is yes and this is possible when one applies advanced Elliott wave theory with basic technical analysis in trading system.
Below is the part of Research report published in the morning of 15th January, 2014,taken from“The Financial Waves STU” suggesting our bearish stand on Ranbaxy from short to medium term perspective.
Ranbaxy Daily chart: (Anticipated on 15th January, 2014)
Ranbaxy Daily chart: (Happened)
Waves Analysis:
Anticipated on 15th January 2014: As shown in weekly chart, from the start of 2011, prices have been moving in complex correction pattern (W-X-Y-X-Z). From August 2013, it moved higher in intermediate wave X and recent break below the channel suggest that it has started last leg on downside in form of wave Z. Currently we can expect, prices to move towards support of the downward moving channel, over medium term.
As shown in daily chart, momentum indicator RSI was unable to move above the strong resistance of 70 during the upside rally of August to mid January 2013, which suggest prices moved higher with lesser momentum and recent break of channel suggest downside correction has started. Now, on upside 450 will act as a strong resistance and can move towards 400/390 where support is placed.
Happened: Ranbaxy moved in lines with our expectations. Prices sustained below the crucial level of 450 and below the upward sloping channel and today we are witnessing fall of 20%. This is the power of technical analysis which provided us the bearish signal before the news arrived and help our client to capture the whole fall.
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