Friday, January 11, 2013

Nifty path ahead and an upcoming Tsunami!

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Nifty gave a very important close yesterday that reduces all but 1 most probable scenario. As per the Elliott wave counts chances of Nifty nearing an important top is very high and probably a top for the year 2013.
We published an interim report at 2 pm for our paid subscribers when Nifty almost touched 5950 on 10th Jan 2013 mentioning, “Nifty has failed to sustain the Gap today and has moved near 5950 level. Nifty looks to be forming ………….. pattern. Positional traders can start booking profits and keep ……… very important stop for all long positions. There can be one final attempt on upside over next few days towards …………… maximum!”
In today’s morning report we explained what made us make such a bold statement and explained various technical reasons.

All advanced & basic technical tools like Wave counts, momentum indicators, Time cycles, Channels, Fibonacci retracements are in sync and indicating that an intermediate top is very near. We would advise our subscribers to……………
In today’s morning report we have shown & explained each and every of the above mentioned technical concepts along with the crucial levels and with path for short to medium term trend with time frames...

Nifty Daily chart:
(removed Wave labelings, Time cycles, Path ahead and crucial levels from above chart)

This is not it. We have shown Bank Nifty and NSE midcap indices as well that seconds our stand.

In short, expect a few more days of sideways action then a final move up towards ………… before we top out for the year!!!
To see the complete chart and the details that are missing above along with explanation on Channels, RSI, Elliott wave counts, Sentiments, Fibonacci retracements, momentum, Cycles, subscribe now to the daily research report “The Financial Waves “ If we are right, time is running out. Do not get carried away in the euphoria but think objectively using technical tools and Learn & Trade with no subjectivity!!!

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