Monday, October 3, 2016

Nifty reversed exactly as expected when majority turned BEARISH! Here is the proof…

Channeling technique, Elliott wave theory and sentiment indicators all helped us to be against the crowd this time as well post the Indo – Pak surgical strike event on 29th September 2016.

In Thursday’s trading session which was 29th September 2016, mayhem was witnessed in Indian Equity markets. The sharp fall was witnessed post the announcement by Indian Army - Surgical Strike in POK. Within a few minutes after the announcement Nifty moved sharply lower from near 8800 to 8559 level. Such kind of fall was enough for majority to turn bearish however; we took a contrarian bullish stand at that time. Following were the updates published to our subscribers of “The Financial waves short term update” along with Video release justifying our objective stand for up move. 

Interim Update published on 29th September 2016 at 1:30 pm, Nifty was trading at 8650

Bottom Line: Nifty showed sharp move on downside on back of an event. Such declines on event or news create important levels. It is interesting to see Nifty has bounced back exactly from the important channel support near 8560 and so does many of the stocks. I do not think it is panic scenario and we cannot rule out upside pullback. One should keep an eye on 8540 as very important support and 8710 as short term resistance. Decisive break above 8710 will indicate positivity. I would take a contrary stand against majority who are extremely bearish now given that the fall is on back of event and one leg on upside looks pending as per Elliott wave.

Detailed analysis along with charts will be published in tomorrow's morning Equity research report - The Financial Waves short term update. Stay tuned!

There is more to it, we also published the below video explaining why Nifty is at important juncture from technical perspective.

Video update published in the evening of 29th September 2016: How to trade Nifty post Surgical Strike?- click here

Nifty 60 mins chart: (Anticipated in the morning of 30th September 2016)

Nifty 60 mins chart:  (Happened till now)

“As shown on 60 mins chart of Nifty, we can see that there are 3 important channels meeting at the lows of yesterday. The most important channel is the bigger blue one that connects the low of Brexit day i.e. 24th June. Another red channel connects the lows from the zone where there was lot of trading activity previously and the short term black channel connects the recent highs and lows. It is not very often to see confluence of so many trendlines at one place and if market closes near this trendline we cannot rule out the possibility of a bounce back. Such strong support zone can either be broken by a Gap or by a strong selling pressure creating big red bar. So if today Nifty decisively breaks below 8540 level and sustains there throughout the day then we can be headed for deeper correction. But in case prices manage to protect the lows for a day or two then we can resume back towards the level where Nifty was trading before the news broke out.(Part of research taken from the report dated 30th September 2016)

Looking at the Elliott wave pattern the entire structure looks like a Flat correction marked in alternate labels with wave b currently ongoing and post its completion we can see wave c on upside towards ….

In short, Indian markets have closed near important juncture and follow-up movement today and on Monday will set the tone for weeks ahead. A blue bar formation from here on will result into one final push on upside ……..

Happened: Amid the high volatility we mentioned our outlook on Nifty based on objective technical tools and as of now prices have been behaving exactly as expected. Get access to the daily research report to see what is next from here. We have turned bearish near 9000 level and bullish at the lows of 8560. It is not very often to see patterns working exactly the way they are supposed to but it is indeed thrilling to see this happening in real time in current scenario….

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