NeoWave is an Advanced Elliottwave concept that incorporates new patterns that evolved over past few years. One such pattern is Bow – Tie Diametric. This pattern is extremely important as majority of world markets are exhibiting this structure including Indian Nifty and Sensex.
Diametric pattern has contracting behavior in its first phase and expanding behavior in the later stages. It is a 7 legged pattern with each leg corrective in nature. Now the below will simply give you a thrilling experience which will show how by knowing the pattern can help you trade spot on. There are times when things look improbable but later we realize market behaved exactly the way it was supposed to be as per the pattern… Now see the magic of this pattern below:
Nifty Diametric pattern on daily chart: published on 5th August 2015 in “The Financial Waves Monthly update”


UNBELIEVABLE! Believe IT - The first chart is the snapshot from the report published with the explanation of Diametric pattern moved below the chart for understanding purpose from that report itself. It was shown in our monthly flagship research report “The Financial Waves Monthly Update”

Happened: Another chart is the actual scenario that spanned out and I was thrilled myself to see it workout exactly as per the pattern that was showed on 5th August 2015.

Critics can continue to debate about the macro-economic turmoil and come out with logical reasoning that resulted into this collapse whereas we believe in predicting as per the pattern under formation and trying to capitalize on that rather than doing post-mortem after the move has happened.

The first image itself is a proof that was published to our subscribers of “The Financial Waves Monthly update”. And Nifty moving exactly the way it was expected is not by any chance as we have been successful in predicting the movement over past many months now.  This is just the beginning and not the end of turmoil that majority is expecting. We are no longer in BUY ON DIPS market. Few months of correction is still pending. To know what should be investment and trading strategy from here on subscribe to “The Financial Waves short term update” along with Monthly forecast to get a complete understanding of Indian and Global markets, Commodities, Gold. This works..BELIEVE IT! For subscription visit or  Contact US… for more details