Thursday, September 11, 2014

Most Advanced Technical analysis training EVER – NEO wave combined with Hurst Time Cycles!

Time is the essence for everything. It is not only applicable to our day to day life but for freely traded markets as well. 
A good trade setup if not timed properly can still result into a serious loss. There are very few technical analysis studies that focus on Time since most of the techniques are driven by Price alone!
Technical Analysis in simple terms we can say that it is a method that helps us to evaluate the sentiments of crowd which reflects their behavior through buying and selling. Humans behave in predictable manner and it is recurring in nature. This can be seen in freely traded financial markets. There are certain patterns that markets form repeatedly. Objective techniques help to gauge the trend and to stay ahead of the news.
Let us see below the applied techniques of Neo wave and Hurst Time cycles
Nifty daily chart (Applying Neo wave and Hurst Time cycles) 
Nifty daily chart (Happened on 10th September 2014)
Elliott wave principle we believe is working very well in freely traded markets. It is developed by R.N Elliott in 1930. He has certain rules to identify the waves. But there are times when multiple scenarios are running and one get confused what action he should take next.
It is rightly said that one should always upgrade his knowledge to be better and adopt new things when your surrounding has changed. Similar theory applies to the techniques of freely traded market because it is traded by human beings who are driven by emotions such as greed, fear.Neo wave is advanced concept of Elliott wave and it is developed by Glenn Neely. In current situation this technique helps to understand the most probable scenario so that trading strategy can be accordingly formulated.
Advanced Elliott wave concept - Neo wave focuses not only on price but to an extent on time as well. But for trading, for high precision timing we need to apply Time cycles as an independent technique.  Time cycles provide the second essential confirmation. J.M Hurst time cycles is a new way to look at time cycles. Combination of price and time gives high successful trade set-ups. 
Attend the 2 days training workshop that will provide in-depth analysis on Advanced concepts of Elliott wave – Neo wave and how it can be combined with Time cycles. This is one of the most advanced training in technical analysis. It focuses not only on Price but also on Time which is an important element for any trader or investor. There are no shortcuts to Trade or Invest profitably. It comes with lot of research, psychology, objectivity, tested methods. The above study ensures increasing the probability of success while trading and also highlights the area when one should be patient and avoid taking positions. Making money is one thing but to preserve what is made is the Key to trading success!!!
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  1. interesting take on advanced technical analysis. I really enjoyed it. Thanks!