Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Waves Strategy Advisors: Elite market Forecasting and Research House in India

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Waves Strategy Advisors is one of the elite market forecasting and research house in India.  Waves Strategy Advisors  provides in depth analysis and forecasting of global markets across varied asset classes including Equities, Commodities, Currencies, Bond Yields. Analysts at  Waves Strategy Advisors  are qualified Chartered Market Technicians (CMT) & Chartered Financial Analysts (CFA) who employs unique techniques of Economic, Cycle and Intermarket analysis along with Elliott waves to derive at market forecasting ranging from hourly, weekly, monthly, annually and long term predictions for decades.
We also believe in educating and sharing of our unique combination of knowledge through different educational services provided by us.


Provide Quality & Customized Research reports covering varied asset classes across the globe

Provide intraday trading suggestions for Equity, Currency and Commodity markets

Risk Management and Hedging advisory for firms exposed to Commodity and Currency fluctuations

Encourage and practice Intermarket, Cycle, Economic and Technical analysis in a professional and ethical manner.

Educate and train investors and public at large about scientific and systematic mode of investing and trading.


We, at 
Waves Strategy Advisors , believe that the market movements are structured and patterned in the form of recognizable and repeating “WAVES”. It is the psychology and emotions of the crowd that shapes & drives the overall movement across the freely traded markets and it is plausible to predict or forecast those movements using techniques of Elliott Waves. Intermarket Analysis combination along with Waves help in increasing the odds in our favor. Forecasting future and the flux of emotions running through minds of millions at the time of trading is uncertain but not completely unpredictable.

We believe in “QUALITY” in every part of our research & our Motto is “Trade Less, Risk Less, Reward Best”.

Our entire market forecasting team believes in “Quality” by giving even an intraday trade suggestion only when Risk is less and Reward is best. 

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