Friday, November 9, 2018

2 Diwali picks up 5% already, act now before its late!

I published a special research report of 4 stocks that has potential to provide nearly 40% to 50% of upside. These stocks are selected exhibiting strong fundamental, good MF holdings and showing a strong technical pattern.
These stocks are in primary degree wave 3 and so they can hold wonders even when broader markets are in doldrums. It is best to buy it when the opportunity is ripe.
Two stocks are up by more than 5% already in just 3 hours of trading session.
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Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Which 4 stocks to pick up this Diwali that can give 40% returns?

Nifty had been all over the places over past few months but if you look at the closing on the previous Diwali period it was near 10146 and still prices are trading near 10500 levels. So over the entire year there had been a huge up move towards 11760 levels and low below 10000. In this volatile movement there have been only a few handful of stocks that managed to outperform.

Many ask me to give just one stock that will double in just over 2 to 3 months. I think it is more of gambling when you invest to double it that too on just 1 single stock that too over in 2 to 3 months. If you have a basket of 10 to 15 stocks systematically selected for the 3rd wave impulse rise I am not ruling out the possibility of a few turning out to be leading the race but expecting that in just a few months is too much to demand and in current market scenario the theme is going to be revolving around protecting the captital. But if you can identify the ones that can still give around 40% to 50% returns in over one to two years it will still be outperforming all the asset classes.

Let me run you through a few of the stocks that we have been bullish on. Not every stock worked out the way but only a few will be responsible to drive your portfolio higher. The others might give minor profits or some losses. But the big runners will payoff for the entire struggle. It is therefore very important to create a portfolio of stocks that consists of atleast a few stocks so that even if 50% of them becomes a multibagger it will payoff for all the hard work.
Now let us look at a few stocks that we recommended.

Reliance Multibagger stock with 77% returns in just over a year!
See yourself the chart of Reliance Industries which rose from the level of 700 to 1236
Reliance Industries Weekly chart: adjusted for split (anticipated in April, 2017)

Reliance Multibagger stock with 77% returns in just over a year!
Reliance Industries Weekly chart: Happened

L&T Infotech
See yourself below chart of L&T Infotech which helped us to be bullish at 1390 levels and the stock touched intraday high of nearly 1917 in today’s session. That is a whopping 38% return in just over 6 months
L&T Infotech daily chart: Anticipated on 8th March 2018

L&T Infotech daily chart: Happened as on 4th September 2018

To name a few other stocks that gave returns of nearly 70% to above 200% have been Sundaram Clayton, Bajaj Finserv, Pidilite.

However these stocks managed to give exorbitant returns as the overall market direction also supported the strong rise. However, I am going to tone down a bit given that the markets are going to be in roller coaster ride over next 1 year or so. During this period which stocks you can pick up that has potential to give returns of around 40% to 50%?

We are publishing a special report this Diwali which will provide 4 stocks that has potential to outperform the market. The targets are conservative given that the main index can be in doldrums but these stocks has the probability to outperform. Always remember there will be risks involved and so one should use strict risk management strategy before entering.

So which are these stocks that are probably exhibiting strong Elliott wave pattern and has potential to stand the test of time when the markets will come down. You can know more about the Diwali special research report here
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Thursday, November 1, 2018

LT: Up move of 10% in just 3 days! What is next?

LT is moving up from past 3 sessions managing to close above previous day’s high. In today’s session this stock is up by 4%. Terminal pattern is formed in the last wave of correction pattern i.e in form of wave c. It indicates completion of previous trend.

Was it possible to capture this rise of 10% in just 3 days? Below is the chart showing detail analysis using Elliot wave technique, Channeling and Moving Averages.           

L&T 60 mins chart:( Anticipated as on 25th October, 2018)
L&T 60 mins chart:( Happened as on 01st November, 2018)

(Below is the gist taken from our equity report published in our equity report on 25th of October, 2018)

Wave analysis:

L&T is one of the stocks which have managed to control its move with respect to the serious gyration that is witnessed in the Nifty Index from past few trading sessions. This does not mean that the stock has given positive returns but the fall has been lesser as compared to other stocks and in overlapping fashion since start of October.

As shown on daily chart, post breaking the channel an attempt to re-enter the channel was made but prices moved in favor of the bears and are now trading lower near 1218 levels. The fall has retraced nearly 50% of the rise which started from the lows of 871 and went on till the high of 1470 levels.

As shown on hourly chart, prices in the previous session broke the important ii-iv trendline but until we see 1240 breaking on the upside, it’s best to be with the trend and wait for price confirmation to turn the bias to positive. 

In short, move above 1240 followed by 1260 will result into positive reversal in this stock………….

Happened: Prices have behaved, as expected, taking out the resistance of 1240 followed by 1260 levels indicating an important low is now in place. LT has witnessed a terminal pattern in form of wave c. The sub- wave of this pattern, are corrective in nature consisting three waves each. Post pattern implication of terminal pattern is that prices retrace mostly 100% of wave c move. Currently, prices have retraced more than 76.4% making an intraday high near 1384 levels.

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Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Nifty and Bank Nifty Is a low in place? Will positive divergence work?

Nifty has been moving in volatile environment but even when Nifty broke below the earlier lows it did not produce downside momentum. On the contrary many have been extremely bearish by simply looking at US or global markets.
We can see series of positive divergences both on daily as well as hourly charts on Nifty and along with that Bank Nifty has still managed to protect its lows of 8th October 2018 even when Nifty broke to fresh lows. This is a classical intramarket divergence. See the series of divergences below:
Nifty and Bank Nifty hourly chart:

Following was mentioned on 26th October morning equity research report –
As shown on hourly chart, prices are currently near the resistance trendline and are hovering around it. After many weeks we are seeing the fall is getting smaller and smaller and the intensity looks to be reducing. Now break above the resistance level will suggest sudden reversal on upside. The chances of Extracting Triangle pattern will be high unless we see strong momentum building on the downside. As per this pattern post completion of wave (c) on downside we should see wave (d) which will be bigger than wave (b) rally. We will focus on wave (d) rally once there is confirmation by break above …. levels…. I think we should complete wave (c) on downside very soon but it is better to wait for resistance break for confirmation of a positive trend when majority will be caught by surprise.  chart: a classical intramarket divergence. See the series of divergences below:
ong with that ve been extremely
Happened: We have been warning our subscribers that the downside speed is reducing and it is better to stay alert in case of sudden reversal. On 29th October, Nifty rallied by more than 200 points in single day. This clearly shows it is so very important to identify the pattern as per Elliott wave.
Series of positive divergences - With the rally we got series of positive divergences on index. You can see from the above chart where Nifty made fresh lows but RSI on hourly scale made a higher low. Also when Nifty touched 10004 levels, Bank Nifty managed to protect its earlier lows thereby giving classical intramarket positive divergence.
With the momentum reducing on downside despite of weak global markets and extreme pessimism is it time to take a contrarian stand and bet on upside?
So, which levels to expect on upside and what should be the stop. Know all this in the daily equity research report – “The Financial short term update”. We are on cusp of strong reversal provided the resistances are taken out decisively. But expect a good trade setup as Time cycles are also nearing the lows!
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Thursday, October 25, 2018

CEAT Tyre: Is a major low in near vicinity? Fibonacci application

Fibonacci series are used to predict the potential areas of resistance and support. It helps the investors to determine multiple price targets. It needs to be combined with other technical analysis to improve its accuracy and it goes well when applied with Elliot Wave theory.

Ceat tyre has been moving towards lower levels making 52 weeks low near 998 levels with no attempt of positive reversal. We have been bearish on this stock when it lost its substantial value after quoting it’s all time high and started making lower high lower low pattern.

Below is the daily chart of CEAT Tyre showing detail analysis using Neo Wave, Moving Averages and Fibonacci technique taken from our daily equity research report published under the name of “ The Financial Waves Short Term Update.”

CEAT daily chart:( Anticipated as on 28th September, 2018) 

CEAT daily chart:( Happened as on 24th October, 2018)

(Below is the gist taken from equity report published on 28th of September, 2018)

Tyre companies like MRF Ltd, Apollo tyre, Ceat ltd; have been under pressure from past few trading sessions. Even in last trading session Ceat stock prices cracked by 5%, making 52 weeks low near 1168 levels.

Fibonacci series: This is a common method in technical analysis which is use to drive support and resistance areas. On daily chart of Ceat, prices are forming Diametric pattern and are currently in last leg in form of wave g. As per the guideline, wave g of Diametric pattern tends towards 61.8% followed by equality with wave a. Considering this we can expect prices to move towards 1120. Break below 1120 levels can further infuse selling pressure taking the prices southward towards ……...

As shown on hourly chart, wave g is forming Complex Correction pattern. Currently wave c is ongoing on downside. On upside an important resistance is placed near 1250 levels as long as this is intact on upside move towards …………. can be expected.

In short, Ceat trend remains negative. Move towards ………can be expected. This will be the preferred scenario as long as 50-periods EMA is intact on upside.

Happened:  Bears have completely gripped their position on Ceat.  Prices have moved as expected falling more than 76.4% of wave a move and made 52 weeks low near 998.50 levels.

The stock has achieved our targets and is now nearing a major reversal zone as per Fibonacci projection, Elliott wave pattern and indicators. Is it time to start looking for bottom fishing? Are stocks going to hit a major low and reverse back sharply?

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