Friday, June 23, 2017

Bank Nifty: Amazing predictable movement as per Neo wave - Diametric Pattern!

Neo wave and Hurst’s Time cycles have helped to capture the movement on Bank Nifty precisely. Here is the research that will give complete insight into this index.

Before trading or investing in any asset class it is important to understand its market behavior and structure. This will help in managing the risk factor to survive in any market for traders. Nifty has continued its uptrend and is now trading near the level of 9700. You might want to also have a look into a very detailed analysis on Nifty Hurst’s Time cycles

The major support in this rally has been witnessed from the Bank Nifty which has moved higher from 23311 to 23890 level in last few days. Bank Nifty has continued to follow Neo wave pattern along with basic technicals very well.

Bank Nifty daily chart:  (Application of Time Cycles for capturing lows)

Bank Nifty 60 mins chart:  (Anticipated in the morning of 19th June 2017)

Bank Nifty 60 mins chart: (Happened till now)

(Below research is taken from “The Financial Waves Short Term Update”)

Wave analysis:

“Bank Nifty and Nifty both these indices have been moving in corrective fashion on downside from last few days. This sideways to negative action has brought prices at the important juncture and price action of next 1 or 2 days is going to be vital.

(Weekly chart has been removed purposely which is shown in research report), the up move started from the beginning of 2016 is corrective in nature which is intact in black upward moving channel. As per this black channel prices still have more room to cover on upside. As of now there is no break of crucial support levels which is going to keep trend on positive side. 10 weeks EMA is proxy for the same which has provided support in the entire uptrend. After the consecutive of up move of 7 weeks, in the last week prices have taken out the low of prior week however in the end it managed to recover. This has protect the low of prior bar on closing basis and any move above 23620 will suggest that trend has started on upside.

As shown in daily chart, here we can see that double correction pattern is under formation in which second correction is forming Diametric pattern. Last few days of price action is in form of wave f of pattern and post the same upside trend should start in form of wave g. Time cycle of 20 days is working well which has formed important lows in the past. The same cycle is due in current week and prices are at the channel support along with 20 days EMA. Hence sharp up move cannot be ruled out.

As shown in 60 mins chart, the recent sideways action resembles the earlier downward correction and post which sharp upside trend was witnessed. Now move above 23620 level will indicate that next leg on upside has started in form of wave g.

In short, Bank Nifty has arrived at channel support. Move above 23620 will take prices towards …… or higher levels where channel resistance is placed.”

Happened: Post taking out 23620 level, Bank Nifty has made high at 23890 level till now and it has been reaching towards the our mentioned target level.

The above research clearly indicates that advanced technical tools combined with basic techniques have continued to work well to capture the short to medium term trends. Get your copy of The Financial Waves Short Term Updatewhich covers Nifty and 3 stocks with Elliott wave and important levels.

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Thursday, June 22, 2017

How to use bar technique for short term trading?

This video explains on how to use simple technical analysis methods like Bar techniques for trading.

This is Elliott wave webinar by

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Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Nifty Hurst's Time cycle and Neo wave pattern!

Bottom Line: Nifty managed to sustain the Gap of 19th and trade in a range in previous session. This will keep the short term trend positive with 9560 as very important support.

Nifty daily chart:
Nifty,Elliott wave analysis

Nifty 60 mins chart:
Nifty,Elliott wave analysis

Wave analysis:

In the previous update we mentioned that,“Nifty has given upside breakout from the downward moving channel of last 9 days which suggests resumption of up move. 9560 is the crucial support level”

Nifty had sideways action in yesterday’s session and prices oscillated between 9676 and 9643 levels. The Gap of the prior day had been protected so far which will keep the short term trend positive as long as 9560 level is intact. The top gainers across the sectors were Tata group stocks and it seems that fresh momentum can be seen in the group companies given a synchronized move.

On daily chart, you can see two very important moving averages – 20 days and 5 days Exponential Moving average. Since the trend started from the lows of 7900 levels in December 2016, the shorter blue moving average has managed to sustain above the red moving average. Whenever the distance between the blue and the red averages reduces it provides good opportunity to trade in the direction of the medium term trend which is on upside. Even recently the blue moving average came very close to red one and prices have reversed back. This will keep the trend positive as long as we do not see decisive break of blue line below the red. This is one of the simplest trend following method.

Given the above and looking at maturity of trend, position sizing is important and Time cycles are helping us to understand that. As the cycles still remain in sell mode atleast till 1st week of July it is prudent not to leverage much and use a strict stoploss levels. Booking partial profits as soon as possible and trailing the remaining with prudent stoploss is best method to use to ensure squeezing the most from ongoing trend.

In short, trend will remain positive as long as 9560 is intact but at the same time one should keep position sizing under check to ensure risk is less in case of adverse movement. At times it is better to stay cautious with lesser number of positions when all the indicators are not in sync and we will highlight it here when the majority of indicators get synchronized again for going in with full capacity. As of now stay long and use 9560 as very strict stoploss with less leverage.

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Thursday, June 15, 2017

Nifty: Hurst’s Time cycles and its pressure on markets with PE ratio!

Time cycles is an independent study in Technical analysis which if applied prudently can help to pin point turn to the day or probably to the hour.
We combined Advanced Technical analysis concepts like Advanced Elliott wave, Neo wave and Hurst’s Time cycles with Gann projections to derive high probable trade setups and the path markets can follow.
Now look at the below chart of Nifty which was published in our Monthly research report on 6th June 2017:
Nifty Gann projections and Time cycles chart (data as per 6th June 2017)

Happened so far

Nifty PE ratio

Following is part of the research from Monthly research report
Time cycles: In figure 5, we have shown Time projections along with Gann price projection. As per Time cycles prices have entered into the topping zone again and is now ……. days old within the 55 days cycle. Therefore the pressure can start building up on downside after few days as per cycle analysis. However, we know time is a dynamic element and prices can stay at elevated levels………… So break below …….. will be 1st level of negative confirmation…
Indian Equity markets valuations: At times it is important to look at certain parameters which provide information about how expensive the current market is.  Price to Earnings ratio (P/E ratio) is widely used fundamental parameter to evaluate the current price with respect to earnings of that asset. We can see in Figure 6 the PE ratio of Nifty. For us PE ratio can be classified as technical parameter as well. Any PE reading will make sense only when it is compared against its average of past decade. We can clearly see that for Nifty the PE average had been at 19 against which Nifty is currently trading at the PE of 25. Also we can see that important tops are formed when Nifty PE crosses above the 2 standard deviation from the average. We can clearly see that the top of 2008, late 2010 was formed when PE ratio crossed above 25 mark. It is not very often to see Nifty PE entering into such zone and when it happens it is time to stay alert and avoid fresh investments unless the earnings catches up with the prices. Even for Earnings to improve prices should stay where they are for a few quarters so that the PE ratio can come down. This means that there should be atleast time correction if not much of price to improve this fundamental parameter. Let us look at the PE ratios of other few important sectors and see if this euphoria is more prominent in those indices.
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Wednesday, June 14, 2017

ICICI Bank: Combination of Elliott wave, Time Cycles, Trendlines, Channels, MACD!

Technical analysis applied on stocks – ICICI Bank. The below research shows application of Elliott wave, Time cycles, Channels and MACD.
Stock market exhibits the cyclical nature and to understand the same we apply different Time cycles to know if important top or low is in place or not. As per Hurst’s Time cycles, capturing the low can be easier than top as distribution process takes time and hence validity of cycles can be in question.
Nevertheless we follow normal cycles also which works well on particular stock or index. Below we have shown example of ICICI Bank which is taken from The Financial Waves Short Term Update which was published in today’s morning report. Here we have shown 69 days Time cycles which is working as topping cycle since April 2016.
Isn’t it interesting to see that how precisely this stock is following time cycles?  
ICICI Bank daily chart:

(Part of research published today morning)
Wave analysis:
Stocks like Axis Bank and ICICI Bank has been moving in non trending environment from last few days. Looking at the short term structure of these stocks and failure of Bank Nifty to generate the upside momentum, there is high probability that distribution might be under process. However it is better to wait for price confirmation which will guide the trend ahead.
As shown in daily chart ICICI Bank, it has been trading in expanding structure since April 2016 and from last few days prices are moving in the range as it has tested the important trendline resistance. Along with this, Time cycle of 69 days which has formed crucial tops and this time also cycle looks to have worked well as prices have not taken out resistance area. MACD is already showing negativity as it has given sell signal. Now break below pivot low will confirm that downside trend has started.
(60 mins chart is not shown here which shows internal wave structure)
As shown in 60 mins chart, prices have till now completed double correction pattern and post that some pressure has been witnessed in last few sessions. The current downfall has broken the channel support and move below …… will indicate that retracement on downside in form of minor wave  of third standard correction has started.
In short, ………….
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