Monday, June 1, 2020

Max Financials: Momentum Stock Up 11% in 3 Days!

You are seeing the best of Nifty rally since past 3 trading sessions. We have been bang on in anticipating this up move when majority were on the short side.
Given the upward momentum we capitalized on stocks which were ideal to trade for 10% – 12% returns in this index favourable rally.
Max Financials (MFSL) was one of the stocks in NBFC sector moved amazing as per Elliott wave patterns and also indicators such as Fibonacci Retracement hinted towards the target levels.
We generated buy call under Momentum Service on MFSL on 27th May 2020 and we almost achieved out target level as our studies showed.
See below what did the chart suggests:
MFSL hourly chart: Momentum call given on 27th May 2020
technical analysis, elliott wave
Max Financials: Momentum Stock Up 11% in 3 Days!
MFSL hourly chart happened on 01ST June 2020
technical analysis, elliott wave
Max Financials: Momentum Stock Up 11% in 3 Days!
(Following research is taken from Momentum report published on 27th May 2020)
Elliott wave analysis:
Momentum stock recommendation: Max Financial service Ltd
Buy Price – Buy above 448
Target price –499
Partial Profit: 470
Stop loss–420
Wave Analysis:
On the hourly chart of MFSL, the stock seems to be moving on upside. And we can clearly see Bank nifty and NBFC stock has been outperforming. So Max Financial is expected to outperform.
As per wave counts, currently wave E seems to be unfolding on upside wherein complex corrective pattern is in progress. Prices have reversed from the channel support and have also broken above the important red trendline resistance. This rise should be wave a which should ideally mimic the prior wave a that was sharp and fast for the upside targets of 499 that coincides with 61.8% retracement level of the entire fall and the earlier peak as well.
In short, MSFL looks to be positive. Move towards 499 levels can be expected on upside. This outlook is valid as long as 420 remains protected on downside. Move below this will indicate few more days of consolidation in form of wave x before the uptrend can start. Also ensure to book partial profits near 470 levels and trail stop to cost so that the risk is minimized.
Happened: The stock rallied more than 11% in just three trading sessions and we almost achieved our target at 498.15 levels. It simply shows power of Elliott wave patterns that we use for most of our research. Fibonacci levels worked extremely well in estimating the movement on upside.
Momentum calls: During such times it is important to capitalize by buying the stocks that can show momentum along with broader market. Always remember not every stock will move the way we expect but it is important to maintain strict stoploss as these are high risk trades but with potential to give the max gain in shortest possible time. Get access now as the momentum starts building UP.
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Nifty: Power of Time Cycle for Timing the #Trade by AK TradingGurukul

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Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Nifty Elliott Wave Pattern with Channels

Nifty advanced Elliott wave – Neo wave plot is unique way of looking at price chart. It helps is identifying each wave movement very clearly. In below research we have shown application of Elliott Wave – Neo Wave pattern, Channels, at its best.
Look at the below chart of Nifty. The below research was published on 04th May 2020 in the morning daily research report –The Financial Waves short term update
Nifty Daily Neo wave plot: (Anticipated as on 04th May 2020 morning before markets opened)
elliott wave, neo wave , technical analysis
Nifty Elliott Wave Pattern with Channels
Nifty Daily Neo wave plot: (Happened as of now)
elliott wave, neo wave, technical analysis
Nifty Elliott Wave Pattern with Channels
Wave Analysis
On 4th may as Nifty had broken critical resistance levels above 9600 with a big gap up, most retail participants entered long positions with the fear of missing out on this rally.
But in our Daily nifty research report we had advised our clients to avoid taking long positions as this move was going to be short lived and a failed breakout that would trap the novice traders on the wrong side of the market.
In our daily report on 4th May, we had shown the Neo wave plot of Nifty and anticipated the path it would take even before the gap down! You can see clearly that as we anticipated wave f on the downside and then one last bounce to the upside. This prediction was based on a pattern called the diametric pattern of the Neo wave and the result was we were two steps ahead of the market quite literally!
We have been generating advisory calls on Nifty, Bank Nifty, Stocks, Commodity and Currency using such advanced technical analysis methods and it has worked out extremely well. You can avail combo research at never before pricing under the Summer Offer 2020Check here
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Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Nifty Time Cycles with Neo Wave, Channels, Average, RSI

Nifty has moved against majority who were expecting a sharp rally on upside.Application of Time Cycles with Elliott Wave – Neo Wave, Channels,Moving average and RSI at its best.
Following charts are published in the latest monthly research report – The Financial Waves Monthly update.
Nifty daily chart with Time cycles
technical analysis, trading,nifty
Nifty Time Cycles with Neo Wave, Channels, Average, RSI
Nifty hourly chart – Elliott wave counts, Channels, Moving average, RSI
technical analysis,elliott wave
Nifty Time Cycles with Neo Wave, Channels, Average, RSI
Following was mentioned in the monthly research report –
Nifty ??? days Time cycle: We have been trying to search for a cycle that overlapped with the low formed on 24th March 2020, near 7511 levels. This resulted into a …….. days cycle. This is not as per Hurst’s Time cycle method but nevertheless is proving out to be capturing important lows. One can understand that the major lows formed on Nifty has been most of the times on this ……..days cycle with minor deviations only on a few occasions. The next low as per this cycle is near …………..2020. We have already consumed …….. days in this cycle which on an average tops out around …….. days. Moving average difference indicators shown at the bottom of the chart clearly provide cyclicality behaviour and also highlight the overbought zone. The same indicator is now turning back below 0 which means the shorter moving average is crossing back below the bigger average and is entering into the sell cycle mode. Let us see if the crucial support level near 9100 can remain protected or we start seeing accelerated selling pressure below this level which will open up trend towards …….. followed by ………. levels.
(Important levels are omitted from above purposely as shown in the actual research report published to clients)
Nifty hourly chart: Reason for showing this short term chart is to highlight that prices are moving at very important juncture which is the lower red channel.Decisive close below this channel near ……… levels might indicate completion of the entire retracement on upside in form of wave (b) and probable start of wave(c) lower. Also as wave (b) did not consume more time than wave (a) and did not even retrace more than 61.8% of wave (a) there is high possibility that we are either forming an Extracting Triangle or a Diametric pattern. The Diametric pattern will be strongly bearish but it is prudent to take one step at a time and see as and when wave (c) progresses to downside.
In a nutshell, Nifty is now at crucial juncture. Decisive close below …….. will increase the odds of downside breakout for a trend towards ……….
Above clearly shows how various methods can be combined together to derive high conviction trade setups.
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Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Hurst’s Time cycles combined with advanced Elliott wave – Neo wave by Ashish Kyal, CMT

Consideration of time cycles are important because the cycle periodicity can change and so a trader has to keep tweaking the cycle length from time to time to keep it up to the mark with the changing market dynamics. At the same instance, a trade if not timed correctly can result into a non-desirous outcome and it is therefore important to combine the price forecasting tools along with time cycles to understand the major turning junctures. There are recurring cycles in financial markets and by identifying the cyclicality one can forecasts the possible tops or bottoms and accordingly takes trading or investing positions.
J. M. Hurst has defined that there are multiple cycles of different magnitude acting on the market prices. The value of the smaller cycle at that point of time is summed with the value of one bigger cycle which is then summed to the value of a longer cycle. This results into a composite cycle.
He suggested that there are certain standard cycles which are universal and can be applied on any asset classes. Many cycle analysts often complain that cycles vanish without giving prior indication. The major reason being interaction of different cycles of varying magnitude. By combining Time cycles along with Elliott wave it can assist traders in forecasting the trend and it plausible reversal areas.
During complex corrective patterns it becomes difficult to identify the maturity of trend and Time cycles help in a big way. If one is aware that a probable bottom or low should be formed in near vicinity it prepares a trader to take much better trading decisions. At the same time if the cycles have topped out it indicates that the top will not be taken out until the next cycle low is in place. This information becomes all the more important to a derivative trader as they can form an option strategy based on the cycle analysis.
We combine advanced Elliott wave – Neo wave for price forecasting and Time cycles for reversal days. Both combined together provide a holistic approach to the entire trade setup.
This study of cycle analysis is independent of price forecasting that we do using Advanced Elliott wave i.e. Neo wave. Imagine the power if Time cycles and Neo wave price pattern both are in sync and pointing towards same direction.
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