Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Which 4 stocks to pick up this Diwali that can give up to 40%-60% returns?

Many ask me to give just one stock that will double in just over 2 to 3 months. I think it is more of gambling when you invest to double it that too on just 1 single stock that too, over in 2 to 3 months. If you have a basket of 10 to 15 stocks systematically selected for the 3rd wave impulse rise I am not ruling out the possibility of a few turning out to be leading the race but expecting that in just a few months is too much to demand and in current market scenario the theme is going to be revolving around protecting the capital. But if you can identify the ones that can still give around 40% to 50% returns in over two years it will still be outperforming all the asset classes.
Let me run you through a few of the stocks that we have been bullish on. Not every stock worked out the way but only a few will be responsible to drive your portfolio higher. The others might give minor profits or some losses. But the big runners will payoff for the entire struggle. It is therefore very important to create a portfolio of stocks that consists of atleast a few stocks so that even if a few of them becomes a multibagger it will payoff for all the hard work.
Now let us look at a few stocks that we recommended in November 2018 as Diwali picks
Asian Paints stock with 56% returns in just over a year!
See yourself the chart of Asian Paints which rose from the level of avg price of 1168 to high of 1825 touched on 22nd October 2019
Asian Paints: CMP 1236 (recommended on 7th November 2018)
Buy Price – 1236 and more on dips to 1100
Target Price – 1900
Holding period – 1 to 2 years
Stop level – 780
Asian Paints monthly chart: (anticipated on 7th November 2018)
 Happened as of 22nd October 2019
Honeywell Automation – See yourself below chart of Honeywell Automation which helped us to be bullish at 20300 levels and the stock touched its 52 week high near 29495 level in September 2019. That is a whopping 45% return in over a year
Buy Price – 20300 and more on dips to 18000 (recommended on 7th November 2018)
Target Price – 30000
Holding period – 1 to 2 years
Stop level – 14000
Honeywell Automation weekly chart: Anticipated on 7th November 2018
Honeywell Automation weekly chart: Happened as of 22nd October 2019
To name a few other Diwali picks – Divis Labs and Maruti. Despite of the collapse in the pharma and auto sector, Divis Lab is still giving a return of more than 20% and Maruti more than 8%. This clearly shows a strong outperformance by the portfolio of stocks during the period when the broader markets have collapsed. This shows the power of Elliott wave, Neo wave and Time cycles.
I am going to tone down a bit given that the markets are going to be in roller coaster ride over next 1 year or so. During this period which stocks you can pick up that has potential to give returns of around 40% to 50%?
We are publishing a special report this Diwali which will provide 4 stocks that has potential to outperform the market. The targets are conservative given that the main index can be in doldrums but these stocks have the probability to outperform. Always remember there will be risks involved and so one should use strict risk management strategy before entering.
So which are these stocks that are probably exhibiting strong Elliott wave pattern and has potential to stand the test of time when the markets will come down. You can fill the form here for Diwali Special report
For more details on this research report you can also call us / whats app on +91 9920422202 or write to us at helpdesk@wavesstrategy.com

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