Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Titan: Making 10% in 10 days! Look power of Neo wave!

Many stocks are showing sharp deterioration over past few weeks and there have been always more number of declining stocks than that of advancing. A few stocks have corrected by whopping 70% or more across the sectors.
Amidst such volatile markets is it possible to identify a stock that can give nearly 10% return in less than 10 days. Absolutely Yes!
We published Titan under the Momentum research report and the stock has given a whopping gain of nearly 10% post that. It has moved independent to the broader market and the Elliott wave pattern worked out to the point!
We published the earlier about Momentum stock – Kajaria Ceramics – 10% gain in 16 trading sessions
Titan 60 mins chart: (Anticipated on 22nd January 2019)

Titan 60 mins chart: (Happened)

Following was recommended on 22nd January 2019 in “The Momentum stock research report”
Momentum stock recommendation: Titan Company Limited

Buy Price – Buy above 979

Time Horizon – Not Applicable

Investment – 5% of capital

Target price – 1077

Stop loss – 930

Partial Profit levels- 1019

*Trail stop to cost after booking partial profits to ensure capital protection*

Refer detailed research below
Wave analysis:
Titan post making a low near 760 has shown a strong recovery on the upside and has managed to sustain the upmove even during range-bond markets. The stock is now arriving near 52 weeks high managing to show outperformance.
(Chart shown in actual research report) On daily basis the stock is currently moving in form of primary wave (5) and is probably in wave 3 of this (5) which can show strong move.
As shown on hourly chart, prices are moving in the form of minor degree wave (iii) as it gave a strong breakout above the consolidation pattern. We can expect a target of 1077 which is the channel resistance along with 100% projection of wave 3. Maintain a stop near 930 levels which also comes near the support trendline.

It is advisable to book partial profits and trail to the remaining to cost to protect the capital during such range-bound markets. So, one can book partial profits once the stock reaches 1019 levels.
In in a nutshell the trend for Titan looks positive and eventually the stock can move towards 1077 levels on the upside. One can maintain a stop near 930 levels in order to capture the move in the form of wave (iii) of 3. BANG ON!

We have been able to maintain amazing accuracy on the momentum stocks and the same have worked out amazingly well. Despite of capitulation in the broader markets the stock has continued to rally sharply higher and touched intraday high of 1074 on 5th February 2019. This simply shows the power of 3rd wave!!!

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