Thursday, January 4, 2018

Power of Impulse pattern – Gold, Silver, Crude & Copper!

The below charts show power of impulsive pattern across the commodities – Gold, Silver, Crude and Copper.Many are fixated upon movement of equity markets which has been subdued since the start of New Year whereas commodity has been providing ample opportunities on the long side.
We have seen strong trending moves in Base metalsEnergy pack and Precious metals as well. See the below charts of different commodities published in today’s morning research report – The Commodity Waves short term update.
See how easy it is to trade an impulsive trend if you are placed the right direction. You might refer our previous articles on Copper and other metals as well where we captured the entire up move and we turned bearish post wave v completion which helped to capitalize on the past few days of correction as well.
MCX Gold 60 minutes chart:

MCX Silver 60 minutes chart:

MCX Crudeoil 60 minutes chart:

MCX Copper 60 minutes chart:

So, once you have the Elliott wave structure or pattern you now know the address of the market. Using this co-ordinate you can formulate the trading strategy and use appropriate indicators.
So, if we expect a trending move then Moving averages will provide good support to prices, whereas during sideways action Bollinger Bands will do the magic!
Along with charts, it is important to see the support and resistance levels which we give along with the research daily morning.
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