Tuesday, December 26, 2017

How to do trade stocks like DLF using channels, moving average, wave theory?

In Technical analysis, Channels, Moving averages and Elliott wave theory provide very good combination to identify the trend and trade setup.

Below is the research that shows how all of the above methods had been combined together to trade DLF. It is amazing to see at times when these methods work so precisely irrespective of the movement in broader markets.

The below research is picked up from “The Financial waves short term update” published on 21st December 2017 morning.

DLF 60 mins chart: as per chart published on 26th December 2017

Happened as of 26th December

Following is a gist of the research published on 21st December

Elliott Wave analysis:

Anticipated “As shown in daily chart, (shown in actual research report to paid clients) we can see that prices are breaking above the upper blue trendline as well. And it is now moving in the modified black channel. The 20 period EMA is providing crucial support at 230 levels. From wave perspective we can see bigger degree wave z in matured stage.

As shown in hourly chart, the rise witnessed in DLF is sharp in nature indicating momentum is building on upside keeping bias positive. Prices have bounced back from its support trendline showing how well the channel techniques work. As long as support of 230 is maintained on downside one can use creating long position for move towards 255 levels.

In short, DLF trend is positive as long as 230 is intact for a move towards 255.”

Happened: DLF moved precisely as expected. Prices achieved the target of 255 and has now arrived near the channel resistance. So what is next from here?

The above research clearly highlights how one can use the methods of technical analysis and trade on stocks. Get detailed insight into the entire research as there are opportunities everyday depending on which stock is showing good pattern. “The Financial waves short term update” in our flagship research report containing Nifty, Bank Nifty and stocks using not only above but many more methods of forecasting. See yourself how this is helping our existing subscribers. Subscribe NOW!

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