Thursday, October 5, 2017

Nifty: How to form successful intraday trading strategy based on Elliott wave?

Nifty has been precisely moving as per Elliott wave pattern and you can see how to apply technical analysis to form intraday trading strategy.

Nifty showed huge volatility in last few weeks in which prices first moved lower from 10178 to 9688 level and post the same sharp rise towards 9945 level has been witnessed. However during the same time basic as well as advanced Technical methods have continued to help us to form short to medium term trading strategy.

It is thrilling experience to see that important reversal area has worked well even during the volatile period. Below is the glimpse of trading strategies on Nifty that has worked perfectly in last few weeks:   

Nifty 60 mins chart:

(Below is the part of research published in today morning)

Wave analysis:

RBI maintained status quo on key policy rates in lines with expectations but the important thing to note is that markets continued to rally despite of no strong positive outlook. This is the reason that we say that events can result into short term movement that can last for few minutes to few hours but the original trend eventually resumes that we are seeing on upside.

Bank Nifty showed some underperformance and is yet to take out the highs of 24230 level which is important. Volatility was high as expected but move above 24230 will confirm a positive breakout in this sector. We are keeping a close watch on this.

Nifty after making a low near 9850 levels reversed on upside and continued to move higher towards 9838. So the zone of .. is important support as prices have a Gap area below that. So existing long positions can now use .. as stop level and keep trailing it to make most out of the positive trend…”

Based on the Elliott / Neo wave analysis we generated the following trading strategies published in The Financial Waves Trading update.

Trading Strategy of 4th October 2017:  Nifty can trade volatile in today's session due to monetary policy. For today, long positions can be created on move above 9870 with 9830 as stop and target of 9910. BANG ON!

Happened: It is interesting to see that even on RBI Monetary policy day; Nifty moved in lines with our expectation and achieved our mentioned target levels.

Trading Strategy of 27TH September 2017:  For today, short positions can be created on move below 9840 with 9870 as stop and target of 9810 or lower. BANG ON!

Happened: Nifty moved lower precisely as expected.

Trading Strategy of 25th September 2017: For today, short positions can be created on move below 9950 with 10000 as stop and target of 9900 or lower.

Happened: Nifty broke the level of 9950 and quickly moved below 9900 levels.

Trading Strategy of 21st September 2017: Short positions can be created on move below 10110 with day's high as stop and target of 10070.

Happened: BANG ON! Nifty broke below 10110 and quickly moved below the target level as well.

The above trading strategies clearly indicate the power of technical methods which can help to capitalize in short to medium term trading. Get access to The Financial Waves Trading Update which covers Nifty with intraday trading strategy and The Financial Waves Short Term Update which covers Nifty with 3 different stocks on daily basis.

In case you cannot track the market yourself and want to receive trading tips during market hours with complete follow-up, target levels and stoploss you can directly subscribe to our Intraday / Positional advisory services.

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