Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Nifty: Amazing application of Hurst’s Time cycle!

Hurst’s Time cycles have been working brilliantly and has helped us to capture important trend reversals. Below research highlights how well this cycle has worked.

Look at the below chart of Nifty which was published on 12th April in “The Financial Waves short term update” flagship product covering Nifty and stocks with application of technical analysis, Advanced Elliott wave – Neo  wave, Time cycles. This was also published on our website on 12th April showcasing the important low formation in April 2017.

Anticipated: Nifty daily chart published in April 2017 showing Time cycle lows


Anticipated on 12th April 2017This time we are again visiting 55 days Time Cycle which has worked well in past. We found out this cycle based on Hurst cycle study which has predefined standard cycles. One can find cycles which are close to the nominal ones defined in the nature.  This cycle had been working well over the past history.

In cycle analysis one should give leeway of 10% as Time is more dynamic element compared to price. Low formed on Demonetization was just 2 days later when the cycle was bottoming out. We are showing 55 days Time cycle on the daily scale. As per this cycle an important low should be formed by mid of April…BANG ON!

Happened: Nifty formed low exactly on the cycle day in April and showed a sharp move on upside from 9075 to 9367 in just few days. It worked our precisely as expected and you can see yourself from the above charts.

Isn’t it amazing to see how precisely a simple technique like this has been helping to understand the underlying tone of the market! We are now approaching the same cycle lows again very soon and Nifty has already started showing some positive signs…. Will it work out in similar fashion again? What are the upside target levels and how can Gann projection combined with this???

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