Thursday, April 20, 2017

How to trade Intraday - HDFC Ltd in Futures and Options?

Below research highlights on how did we generate intraday call for HDFC Ltd based on Elliott Wave, Channels, Moving average and Fibonacci retracement!

Nifty has continued to move in overlapping fashion from last few days however during the same time stock specific action has continued with strong momentum. This has been providing good opportunity for intraday traders. Below is the stock tip given on HDFC Ltd to our Intraday  / Positional calls subscribers. 

Below we have shown 60 mins chart of HDFC and the strategy we followed to give Intraday call in Futures as well as in Options to our subscribers:

HDFC FUT BUY AT CMP 1500 SL 1480 TGT 1530 – Time 9.26 AM when call was given

HDFC 1500 CE APR BUY AT CMP 14.60 SL 7 TGT 28  - Time 9.26 AM when call was given

HDFC 60 mins chart: (Anticipated)
HDFC, Elliott wave

HDFC 60 mins chart: (Happened)
HDFC,Elliott wave

Happened: In the above chart we can see that Elliott wave is helping to understand the overall trend along with Channels and Exponential Moving average of 100 periods playing important role. Based on this technical concept, we provided call to our subscribers and HDFC moved in lines with our expectation. Prices showed strong momentum on upside in form of minute wave iii and achieved our target level in first few hours of trading session.

This indicates that trading can be systematic if one applies and follow the objective methods of technical analysis. However one should also understand that stock market is a game of probabilities and hence one should follow strict risk management strategies. We advise our clients to trade in 2 lots in which we book partial profits in 1 lot and trail the other one to cost to fetch the maximum out of ongoing trend.

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