Monday, January 30, 2017

Nifty Gann Time analysis using square of nine!

The below research highlights on basic but important technique of Gann Square of nine to understand key reversal areas.

W. D. Gann developed many methods and cycles to look at the markets from a very different perspective. We are showing one aspect of his methods i.e. using Square of nine to forecast the key reversal areas. The figures shown in below chart are of calendar days and not trading days.

You can get more detailed explanation about this in video update – Timing the market with Gann

Nifty Gann Time chart:

In square of nine there are various angles that act as important support and resistance to prices. Similarly if we use those angles to derive the days it helps in timing the market. The above number of days shown on the chart is based on 90 degree angle. This angle has managed to provide important values on which Nifty has shown alternative tops and bottoms and also at times major tops and major bottoms. 

The article is not intended to explain Gann Square of nine in detail but to understand a research which is so independent to prices have been able to capture short and medium term reversals accurately. 

We took a step forward to combine Elliott wave theory and understanding if the studies can be synchronized to time the market to precision. In previous week video update I highlighted about wave b to start which was confirmed by Gann time of 34 and 139 days. Nifty has so far managed to protect the high made on Friday and has been drifting sideways probably in the form of wave b. Post its completion wave c should start on upside after few days of sideways or downside correction. It is amazing to see how two different methods can be synchronized to produce similar outcome that provides very high conviction. I will discuss more in detail about Gann Square of nine in subsequent articles. So stay Tuned!

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