This belongs to a Balanced category as the fund has exposure of 66% to Equity and remaining in debt and Cash / Call instruments. The fund is ranked 1 in large cap category by Crisil. L&T Mutual Fund is one of the fund houses that are accepting investments for US / Canada based NRI. You can get detailed research on the below mentioned funds by writing to us at or fill the form at Contact US.

L&T India Prudence Growth Fund – daily chart

Portfolio Analysis: As per the sectoral holdings Banking/Finance have been most favored sector for this fund as it is contributing nearly 14.31% to the entire portfolio followed by Technology and Pharma Sector.

Top Holdings and Sector Allocation for this fund are shown below:

Top 5 Holdings:
% Assets
Sun pharma

Sector Allocation


Returns as on 18th April, 2016
1 Year
3 Year
5 Year

Risk Profile: This fund has around 65% exposure to Equity and rest to debt. So this is a well placed fund who wants to take medium risk and given the current market condition it is very well positioned by diversifying risk into Equity & Debt.

Technical Perspective: The daily chart for L&T India Prudence Fund shows impulsive rise in form of 5 waves from August 2013. The most basic concept of Elliott wave suggests that in order to understand the trend one has to see if the movement is in 5 waves or corrective fashion. An impulsive move since 2013 indicates that the major trend of this fund is on upside and prices are currently correcting this up move in 3 waves. Post the completion of the correction that is currently ongoing the major degree uptrend should resume.

Investment Perspective: Corrections will offer good opportunity to ride the next strong uptrend post its completion. It is prudent to invest in this fund in form of SIP to capitalize on the down move as and when it happens. Impulsive move on upside clearly suggests that the long term trend is positive and over short term the correction is probably complete around 17.5 levels. However for lump sum investments we need to wait for the price confirmation which we will get on move above 20.5 levels. Until then it is best to invest in form of SIP and we will highlight it here as soon as strong upside reversal is in near vicinity!

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Where to invest now? - Mutual Funds

Based on Elliott wave model we try to identify not only the asset but also the sectors that can probably outperform in future. Based on Inter-market analysis, Sector rotation, Interest rate and Economic cycle we identify Mutual Fund schemes that can be the leaders from three to five years time frame rather than only relying on the past performance. For Mutual Fund Investments Contact US.