Thursday, March 3, 2016

Nifty – Power of Hurst’s Time Cycle and combining it with Neo wave! A whopping 650 points up in 4 days!!!

Nifty has rallied by a whole 650 points in less than 4 days. Prices touched intraday low near 6825 on 29th February on the Budget day and showed sharp recovery and trading near 7480 as of now. Still the trend has no signs of exhaustion.

Such tremendous rally might be surprise to many but it was on 1st March when Nifty crossed 7100 we published a strong bullish outlook to subscribers of “The Financial Waves short term update” that the trend is strongly positive and it is prudent to be against the crowd this time when majority have been bearish.

Such bold stand just at the right moment is that too against the crowd is possible only because of the following research that used the concept of Time cycle and Neo wave – Advanced Elliott wave.

Time cycles are one of the most dynamic components in technical analysis. It is a challenging concept and is not easy to predict. It is therefore necessary to combine cycle analysis along with a few other techniques to get high conviction trade setups.

Hurst’s Time cycle developed by J. M. Hurst, an aeronautical engineer, believed that the cycles that are applicable in field of physics across the universe should have its application in the field of stock market as well. He believed that there are standard cycles present in the nature and we need to identify the actual cycle in close representation with these standard cycles. 

The below chart of Nifty shows the application of Neo wave which is the advanced concept of Elliott wave. Simply imagine if the pattern seems to be near completion and is also confirmed by Time it results into sharp increase into the probability of success. There are few instances when the cycles can be off and so price confirmation is always crucial. However, the power is when the cycle is synchronized with pattern and when it works, which happened NOW, you can see the power of trend.

Nifty has rallied from the lows of 6825 made on 29th February to the high of 7480 as of now and counting.

Nifty daily chart:

Neo wave and Hurst’s Time cycle: The low made on the Budget day coincided exactly with the 54 days time cycle as per Hurst’s method and also marked an end to wave (g) of intermediate wave g that too with strong positive divergence on RSI and reversal from channel.

It was the application of all of the above techniques that made us take a bold positive stand when everyone was expecting a serious capitulation. Such movement is rare to happen and it is only after many years we have seen such a huge move in a short span of less than 4 days. This can indeed be start of a very big uptrend….

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