Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Nifty Neo wave pattern along with Time cycles - path ahead!

Neo wave is advanced concept of Elliott wave that has more number of rules compared to orthodox wave theory. These advanced rules help us to reduce the number of probable scenario and provides immense objectivity. We took a step forward and combined this wave theory along with Time cycles to forecasts the trend and probable path ahead!

As per this concept there high probability that the ongoing downtrend that started in March 2015 is in matured stages of down move and we should start seeing a very strong trend – this time on upside.

However, there is no positive price confirmation as yet and it is prudent to combine predictive method with bar technique and other tools for timing the trade.

Both Neo wave and Time cycles have helped us to stay on opposite side of the trend near the lows of 7240 when majority were bearish and we constantly warned about near term bottom.

Now look at the below chart marked with respect to NEO wave and Time cycles

The above chart shows the entire fall from the top of April 2015 in the form of a Diametric pattern that consists of 7 corrective legs (marked in red). Prices are currently in wave g (red). This intermediate wave g (red) is itself forming a Diametric pattern marked in above chart. We are in final leg (g) of g (red) which should complete soon and the trend should reverse.

Hurst’s Time cycle shown above also help us to get confirmation about the pattern under formation. This cycle is due in a few days and in synchronized with the Neo wave pattern.

We will highlight in our daily research report as and when we get strong positive confirmation that the trend on upside is starting. Subscribe to “The Financial Waves short term update” to know the crucial levels that will determine strong reversal in trend. For subscription options visit Pricing Page.

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