In this challenging market you really need to know when to enter and exit the trend. Even if you are right calling for the overall market direction but do not time it well one might end up losing on the strategy.

These techniques have helped us calling for a major market move on downside when majority expected an upside breakout!

It is during such volatile environment that there can be plenty of trading opportunities provided you have right objective tools.

One of the most common requests we get from subscribers - Is it possible to learn how to look at a charts and find opportunities for themselves?

It is very much possible if you have the right tools but experience is also an important element but it is never too late to start gaining it!         

Now distance is not a problem. Technology helps us to bridge the gap by providing necessary real life environment.

Learn from anywhere you want. 

Our online course on Elliott Wave will guide you to identify trade setups and predict the reversal areas!

About the Speaker:

Ashish Kyal, CMa frequent speaker on CNBC TV 18 and Zee Business applies basic as well as advanced Technical Analysis concepts like Elliott Wave, Fibonacci retracement, Time Cycles, etc. He has been successful in calling major market turns including the crash of 24th August 2015 on Nifty.

Whether you are an Intraday or Positional trader or investor investing in StocksCommodities or Forex, futures or options – you get a practical trading education that you can start applying on charts after the course.

Join US for the 2 days online training webinar  on Elliott wave combined together with Technical Tools like Channels, Fibonacci, Time Cycles etc  – powerful tool to analyze markets using Elliott wave patterns.

Topic: Elliott Wave and Time Cycles – A complete different way to look at market behavior and trading.

Online training Date: 8th & 9th October 2015, Time: 6 pm to 9 pm 

Registration Fee: 8000 + Tax @14%

Speaker: Ashish Kyal, CMT

After the training: Recordings of the workshop available for 1 week + FREE research report of Equity - Nifty and 3 stocks for complete week. Support after the sessions - In case of any queries you can always post your charts on our Discussion Forum.

How to Invest for this training: You can directly make payment from the Subscribe Page here and mention product as “Online training” with Period: 1 and Amount: 9120 /- (including taxes) and we will send you all the relevant details for the training. In case of any queries for registration write to us at or Contact US here.