Monday, September 29, 2014

Is there a link between Stock market & Spectacular speech by Mr. Modi at Madison square!

Bottom Line: A spectacular speech by Mr. Modi, our honorable Prime Minister at Madison Square – USA.
Probably the collective growth agenda and execution is going to coincide with April 2015 – a crucial juncture of Time Cycles lows for a path of unprecedented progress in real economy!
Nifty weekly chart:


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A truly inspirational speech by Mr. Modi at Madison square with a vision of inclusive growth by a nation having the power of “mouse”! I cannot resist myself for stating it here but there is a link between such a rational shift in the thought process and the craving for change within Indians that happened after 30 years by electing a party with such huge majority.
Stock market is a tool to measure the social mood of masses.A period of sideways correction from 2008 to 2013 clearly reflected a period of anxiety and negative social mood during which there is strong rational shift in the thought process of people at large.
People tend to choose extremist during such times which can be probably one of the reasons of creating history after 30 years! Mr. Modi is now attracting record followers and exhibiting prudent leadership by initiating the revolution of fight for inclusive growth in a complete different way. I am neither a politician nor an expert and does not believe in favoritism but a true capitalist and developed economy is not possible without making the majority of population a part of it! I believe Sensex – an indicator that leads the economy is indeed moving towards61000 mark by 2019(a conservative target with clear technical justification given in monthly updates). However, it will not be a one way trip and there will be reactions or corrections to this uptrend one of which we might witness between …….. 2014 and ………….. 2015 before our journey towards 61000 starts! And as Mr. Modi rightly said it will be the people of India that will drive the economy on the growth trajectory and not a single person alone!!!
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