Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Maruti: Magic of Time Cycles! Revisited

Indian Markets continued to move up in uncharted territory and made new life time high in today’s morning trading session.
Maruti is one of the outperforming stock which was up by more than 6% in yesterday’s trading session and today the stock is trading with a gain of nearly 1.5%.
Many experts are sighting this up move with the figure of June sales which came in line with the expectation. But were you able to catch the move? Was it predictable before the news? The answer is absolutely YES. Sorry, we are not the insiders of Company but applying advanced tools like time cycles on price charts due to which we were able to capture the current move.
In the article dated 26th June 2014, we had published in our daily morning research report why we think Maruti is due for a strong rally. Infact, we even published an article on same day mentioning about strong up trend to start in this stock. You can refer it again in this link:
We applied various short, medium and long term cycles on single stock and came out with the conclusion as well as short term trading strategy. See the chart below yourself
Maruti weekly chart:( Happened on 2nd July 2014)
Maruti hourly chart:
Anticipated on 26th June 2014: “Normally a big cycle is either comprised of 2 or 3 shorter term cycles. This concept is known as harmonicity. It is due to cycle synchronization i.e. cycle troughs are formed together and harmonious nature that prediction becomes possible. The low at 1215 is cycle lows of shorter durations as well. We will focus on the short term important cycle of 22 weeks. This cycle low was formed at 1215 in September 2013, then at 1540 in week of 31st Jan 2014 and later the bottoming date is right now. If this shorter duration cycle is working well then we should see atleast an upside push from current levels
Happened: Maruti has gained over 150 points in just 3 trading days… This simply shows power of Time cycles applied right from long term to short term.Simply imagine the power of Time cycleswhen combined with Elliott wave structure!
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