Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Do you know the importance of Time cycles? Have you decided your time frame of investment?

On 10th July we published an article on stock CESC where we forecasted the future path of this stock 
with the help of advanced concepts like Time Cycle along with Moving average and channeling technique. While trading one should always understand the two important elements, Price and Time. To be a successful trader it is imperative to keep this both the element on his/her side because without perfect timing intraday trades gets converted into positional and eventually into loss but later only seeing it going in your favor because you didn’t timed it well. Hence applying concepts like Time Cycle gives timing to catch top or bottom in any of the asset classes.
CESC daily chart (Anticipated on 10th July 2014)
CESC daily chart (Happened on 14th July 2014)
In previous article on 10th July we mentioned that Moving average: We have applied 10 days moving average which is on verge of breaking. Break of the same will open more negative possibilities. Time Cycle: of 118 period is working brilliantly in this stock. This Cycle is topping cycle and currently prices have formed short term top almost at Cycle day. In short, looking at the bar technique, channeling technique and Time Cycle our outlook for this stock is negative and we can expect a level of 635 followed by 615in coming trading sessions.” BANG ON!
Happened:In the above chart we can clearly see that prices achieved our mentioned target on downside near 615 levels. So, what should be the strategy for CESC as of now?
Time your trade with perfection!
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