Thursday, June 5, 2014

BRIC nations at a glance! Showing gloomy picture though..

The current issue of “The Financial Waves Monthly update” is now published. 
This long term report is showing 12 different charts with Elliott wave counts and important analysis on Sensex, Nifty, Gold, Nifty / IT ratio, stock of the month and indepth analysis on BRICnations – Brazil, Russia, China in addition to Hong Kong. Each of these markets have been drifting lower while the Indian markets are busy making new highs. The story looks similar to 2008. See it yourself where the other emerging markets are headed.
BRIC and Hang Seng Market outlook
Figure 7: Brazil daily chart
 Figure 8: Russia daily chart
Figure 9: Shanghai Composite 

Figure 10: Hang Seng
Elliott wave counts are removed from the above charts purposely but shown in our actual reports.
Following is the brief excerpt from the same:
Analyzing Brazil, Russia, China and Hong Kong equity markets:
It is widely believed that world is out of the woods and the Equity markets of developing economies have stabilized. However, looking at the above major 4 markets from developing countries it is not showing good picture. Except India none of the BRIC markets have given any positive returns. Also the biggest consumer of resources – Chinese stock market index – Shanghai Composite is still struggling near the lows. Developed economies have performed much better compared to emerging economies and food for thought is the crisis of 2008 actually originated in US and Europe that are trading at life time highs!
This time we have covered Equity Market performance of BrazilRussiaHong Kong and China in addition to Indian markets shown earlier. This is because India has witnessed major rise inSensex or Nifty from last year and trading near life time highs which is not the case with equity markets of these countries. So, we should be aware what is happening with our neighbors to get clearer picture of our future because in the end all the countries are directly or indirectly related.
Brazil: world’s seventh wealthiest economy but GDP has fell drastically from the high of 7.5% to 0.9% in 2012 and 1.90% last year. Moreover, ….
Russia: GDP fell from 3.4% in 2012 to 1.3% in 2013. Medium trend is …..
China: world’s second largest economy has recently signaled further easy of monetary policy. Its economy grew 7.7% in 2013 same as 2012 and 7.4 in the first quarter of this year. Once with average growth of more than 10% ….
Hong Kong: has a free market economy with GDP Annual growth rate in last quarter is 2.5% and previous last 5 quarter has been 2.9%. Over medium term, the trend has been absolutely sideways for Hang Seng index ……….
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