Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Sensex to start next BULL TREND before end of 2014 for multiyear target of 61000!

Sensex to start next BULL TREND before end of 2014 for multiyear target of 61000 “The Monthly Financial Waves” is a monthly publication that shows the long term charts using Time Cycles, Elliott wave analysis, Channels, Price ROC, Time analysis to give an overall perspective and the path Indian markets should follow in this decade. In addition to Sensex the research gives perspective on what is expected in Gold and why it will be no longer a safe heaven atleast for a decade. Banking sector is one  major driving force for any economic sustainability. It is therefore imperative to see where the Banking index will move when the next bull trend starts!
US markets have hit life time highs in 2013DJIA is forming a very long expanding triangle pattern since 2000 onwards and many would have been surprised to see US markets hitting life time highs but this was expected since the pattern is very clear. Prices have now approached crucial juncture and cluster of resistances are acting simultaneously. The monthly report gives the probable path US markets will follow.
The below chart of Sensex communicate many things. It will make a lot more sense when you will see cycle degree Elliott wave labeling with multi-month Time cycle analyses that shows by when we expect Sensex to see 61000 levels
Sensex weekly line chart:
Forex or Currency market has been gaining lot of focus lately after USDINR depreciated from 55 to 61 levels. We have been bullish before everyone started talking about the move. The up move in currency is yet over from medium term perspective. You can view what is happening with USDINRsince past many years and what we expect in future!
Gold has been one of the favorites over past decade. But Indian love for Gold should end soon with the start of decade long Gold bear market. The monthly research also gives an overview on why Gold should be avoided as investment atleast for next 10 years!
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